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Record Details

Artist:Eddie Cochran
Label:  London
Catalogue:REU 1214
Date:May 1959
Title:C'mon Everybody
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Community:23 Own, 3 Want
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A1Eddie CochranC'mon EverybodyCochran, Capehart9.5  Rate
A2Eddie CochranSittin' In The BalconyDee8.5  Rate
B1Eddie CochranSummertime BluesCochran, Capehart9.5  Rate
B2Eddie Cochran20 Flight RockFairchild, Cochran8.8  Rate


1st issue: Orange picture sleeve. Triangular or round centre.

2nd issue: Yellow picture sleeve. Round centre.


David M. McKee
22nd Oct 2013
 Sticker says - Schwind, Pl. St. Francois - so part German, part French

22nd Oct 2013
 Do I spy a Lausanne, Switzerland dealer sticker on the flip of the EP sleeve? Judging by the dealer name, which I won't guess at, it is German, but of course in the French language majority of natives in that city of Lausanne.

bill mann
1st Jul 2013
 My buddy just texted me, the yellow sleeved issue of this just went for over £500 on ebay the other day !!!! whhaaatt £500

23rd Jun 2013
 It's a bit odd this one. First issue: tri centre with 'London Extended Play' in silver print, as normal. Second issue still has 'London Extended Play' in silver print, but with a round centre. Didn't the silver top labels come along BEFORE round centres? The small font of 'London Extended Play' looks a bit odd too

13th Jun 2012
 Just a few variations on this one. I have uploaded scans of the triangular centre version of this EP, along with 3 back cover scans bearing different print dates, and also scans of the round centre version with a variation on label layout - the record number is all on one line on my copies and has no silver top or "American Recordings" etc. Never realised I had 3 copies of this in my collection.

My Friend Jack
3rd Aug 2010
 Made #2 on the EP charts.

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