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Record Details

Artist:Michael Cox
Label:  Triumph
Catalogue:RGM 1011
Date:Jun 1960
Chart Position:7
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:51 Own, 2 Want
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AMichael CoxAngela JonesLoudermilkCharles Blackwell7.3  Rate
BMichael CoxDon't Want To KnowLen PravermanCharles Blackwell7.0  Rate


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Juke Jules
16th Oct 2012
 BJ - I see you added the Milk version - BDA 80

16th Oct 2012
 Just read the Wiki page about William Barrington-Coupe – I knew the guy was a crook, but never realised just how low he really stooped until I read it.

How could anyone be taken in by spoof names such as Wilhelm ‘Havagesse’, Marius 'Ubend'orff, ‘Homer Lott’ or ‘Herda Wobbel’? Does he imply that classical music lovers like myself don’t have a sense of humour? I can only ‘havagesse’ at the answer.

14th Oct 2012
 Added A side label with the tax stamp which, according to John Repsch's book, was one of the causes of Triumph's downfall -- sticking them on every copy was an extra laborious step in trying to meet demand for this record. Also B side inside a different colour company sleeve.

This was the star surprise inside a 280-record "goody bag" I bought unseen off a local seller on eBay for a fiver, the other day. Both record and sleeve were excellent (although the quality of the vinyl itself looks pretty ropey -- more Barrington-Coupe penny pinching, no doubt).

Also just noticed that "Don't Want To Know" is billed as the A side on all the scans so far! (Goodness knows why; far too many of what Joe called "those plucking strings" to appeal to da yoof).

Terence Archer
14th Apr 2012
 Original company sleeve uploaded.

14th Jul 2011
 No Psycho I don't, but I know someone who might have it, I'll put it on my list of "friends records to scan".....John

14th Jul 2011
 Have just listened to a really good version of this by american bubblegum group "Milk" which was released in 1968 on Buddah (BDA 80) and was produced by, and featured Johnny Cymbal.
Am wondering if Beatlejohn, or anybody else has a copy they could post?.

21st Jun 2011
 This was the final Joe Meek release on Triumph. What happened was, this record became a hit, but the problem was, Triumph were unprepared for the high demand. They had to rely on outside pressing plants all of whom wanted a LOT of cash upfront. Barrington-Coupe ever keen to do everything on the cheap refused to put hand in pocket. So, Joe was left stranded with a record high in demand but zero chance of meeting them. Realising the situation was unworkable, he quit the company and began doing business on his own. He also took with him a few completed Triumph masters which he mostly leased to Pye under the RGM Sound credit. That bought him time to get his 304 Holloway Road studio built, up and running.

So ironically, Triumph went under because they became successful. But the machinations of the industry back then was not kind to independent labels and Joe was sure to have many battles over the rest of his life with the major labels he was leasing product to.

7th Mar 2011

7th Mar 2011

7th Aug 2009
 The "RGM" serial number gives it away!

big swifty
7th Aug 2009
 Oh yes, this is most definately Joe Meek, but the label failed because of finances - and the hegemony of the majors - sadly Meek was about 6 years too early. Barrington Coupe seems to have scuppered the good ship Meek. Look up the story of Joyce Hatto.

6th Aug 2009
 Is this not a Joe Meek / RGM production?

big swifty
5th Aug 2009
 There was a C4 documentry about the concert pianist Joyce Hatto and the fraud her husband perpetrated on the classical world. Looking up her husband, he has had a disgraceful business history, which included this label, the bankruptsy of S.A.G.A records and spoof orchestra's and conductors. This gives a little insight of the smaller record labels of the 1950's and 1960's.


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