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Record Details

Artist:Rod Stewart
Label:  Riva
Catalogue:RIVA 3
Date:May 1976
Chart Position:5
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Community:48 Own
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ARod StewartTonight's The Night (It's Gonna Be Alright)Rod StewartTom Dowd7.8  Rate
BRod StewartThe BalltrapRod StewartTom Dowd8.0  Rate


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19th Jun 2015
 Dead wax: (Record scan 6) A side only "Arun" (Chakraverty).

2nd Aug 2014
 Added A side scan with push out centre.

27th Oct 2011
 You mean the Scots have forgiven him for this?!: RIVA 15

27th Oct 2011
 I think you may have been misinformed. Rod Stewart's popularity in Scotland commenced with The Faces and several brilliant gigs at the Apollo. He now plays Hampden every couple of years. I don't think they're flying in from London to catch him. He does attend football matches in the city and possibly you've been speaking to supporters of the other team. There is an ambivalence in Scotland towards its Tartan and Tat image which includes Stewart, Connery and the family previously know as the Battenbergs. It does not prevent a significant part of the population attending his sing a long gigs.

26th Oct 2011
 Rod has stated a few times over the centuries that he wishes he was born in Scotland and has of course used tartan and blathered about how he loves Scotland. Unfortunately, all Scottish people I've ever met and talked to think Rod is various unmentionable names and terms - he's hated by most Scots in the same way that Cilla Black is hated by most Scousers. OK, Cilla is a Scouser but she's not lived in Liverpool since 1960 something and that winds people up since she kept flogging at her Scouse roots over the decades. Rod? He must be good pals with Sean Connery... these guys supposedly love Scotland so much but what riles the Scots is the fact neither of them live there!

26th Oct 2011
 ha ha ha - well my father is Australian, but as I was born here I think that rather makes me an Englishman. I don't go around looking like someone from the Monty Python Bruce sketches!
I think if I was Scottish I would be a mite miffed about his snaffled tartanism.
Not that I care greatly personally! :-)

davie gordon
26th Oct 2011
 His father's Scottish - don't get me started on Rod's tartanism.

26th Oct 2011
 Clean B side label scan added (with a respectful nod to nanocyar).
Incidentally, I always hated this label. What on earth was all that Scottish stuff about? RS is English isn't he?

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