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Artist:Fleetwood Mac
Label:  Reprise
Catalogue:RPS 1345
Date:4 Feb 1976
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Community:44 Own
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AFleetwood MacRhiannon (Will You Ever Win)NicksFleetwood Mac, Keith Olsen9.5  Rate
BFleetwood MacSugar DaddyMcVieFleetwood Mac, Keith Olsen8.0  Rate


℗ 1975

From The Reprise Album MS 2225 FLEETWOOD MAC


30th Mar 2016
 A-side remixed version

30th Mar 2016
 Allan...No U.S. picture sleeve was ever issued with this single. I think their first commercial picture sleeve was "Don't Stop" on Warner Bros. in 1977. A promo picture sleeve was issued for "Albatross" in 1968.

30th Mar 2016
 Does a US picture sleeve exist? Many other countries have a picture sleeve. I did come across the German pressing with picture sleeve and love the sleeve.

29th Oct 2015

15th Apr 2015
 I can think of two reasons why a subtitle was added to the 45 when there is no subtitle on the LP. First, "Rhiannon" was an unusual name in the U.S., and at first listen, it's not obvious in the lyrics (indeed, when I first heard it on the radio in 1976, it took me several listens to figure out where "Rhiannon" was in the song), so a more obvious line from the song was chosen as a possible "hook" for programmers - "Will You Ever Win." Warner Bros. did this periodically, notably with Leo Sayer's "Long Tall Glasses," which added a subtitle of "I Can Dance" to most copies, and Gordon Lightfoot's "The Circle Is Small," which added a subtitle of "I Can See It In Your Eyes" to most copies. Second, and probably by sheer coincidence, it's a way to tell the remix-edit (single) version from the album version at a glance.

29th Jul 2014
 Delta numbers in dead wax


20th Nov 2013
 No - what I meant was, why is there a bit in brackets, i.e. (Will You Ever Win)

20th Nov 2013
 If what 'zabadak' meant by "bracketty bit" was what was around the subtitle on Columbia pressings {Images #165543, 165544, 330227 & 330228} - it did appear the the parentheses of the Alternate Gothic No. 1 font as part of the Varityper Headliner type library did somewhat resemble brackets in a sense. And did anyone notice of the Santa Maria {Images #330227 & 330228} that the pre-1975 Reprise label design variant (with the smaller rim print at bottom, with no reference to label address, Warner Communications or their logo) was used there? Wouldn't it make sense to have that head the list before the other labels?

On another plane - the label fonts on the Monarch pressing {Images #214066 & 214067}, as noted before, were used on pressings from all three of Capitol's plants, each of which had their own distinctive positionings of the 360 serrations, besides the differences in deadwax symbols for each plant.

20th Nov 2013
 Dreams by Fleetwood Mac is the only #1 single Stevie Nicks has ever had. Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win) is by far her most famous song and her trademark song in concert. I have seen every Fleetwood Mac tour and every Stevie Nicks concert tour and Stevie has never sung the studio version of Rhiannon in concert. Stevie has added different stanzas and words depending on what thoughts are going through her head about the song at the time. The ending of the song is straight out of the Janis Joplin book of ranting and is unforgettable to witness. For those of you who have never seen it, here is one concert version of Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon: This performance on the Midnight Special I have always thought is the performance that made her a star.


14th Nov 2013
 Why the bracketty bit?

13th Nov 2013
 you are correct :-)

13th Nov 2013
 If I recall correctly, this is a remixed, single version of "Rhiannon"

31st Mar 2012
 On some entries, I've occasionally referred to upload numbers. May do that on all henceforth.

On another tangent, I've not seen a single Columbia pressing of their next single, "Say You Love Me (Edited)."

31st Mar 2012
 W.B.lbl your information is superb, please keep it coming. Can I ask one thing please; to avoid problems later on if someone moves the images around or the uploader decides to delete their images, would you mind trying something like;

The label (165543) was from Columbia Records' Pitman, NJ pressing plant, where the typesetting...

No criticism at all with your great comments, it just might prevent problems/confusion for other users further down the line.


31st Mar 2012
 The first label variant was from Columbia Records' Pitman, NJ pressing plant, where the typesetting for the artist name originated (in Spartan Bold Condensed) - the rest of the typesetting was imported from Santa Maria, CA (their full label typesetting being on the third variant, from that plant).
The second variant appears to be pressed by Monarch Record Mfg. in Los Angeles, CA, with label typesetting as used initially by Capitol Records' plants for Warner/Reprise product up to later '76.

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