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Record Details

Artist:Nancy Sinatra
Label:  Reprise
Catalogue:RS 20620
Date:29 Sep 1967
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:11 Own
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ANancy SinatraLightning's GirlLee HazlewoodLee HazlewoodBilly Strange9.3  Rate
BNancy SinatraUntil It's Time For You To GoBuffy Saint-MarieLee HazlewoodBilly StrangeRate


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My Friend Jack
21st Sep 2015
 Two weeks on the Breakers list from 28 Oct 1967, peaking in 4th place.

7th Jan 2015
 Wonder what Daddy made of these wild Hazlewood productions such as this??

25th Jul 2014
 That's odd. Previous link revised.

Mikey Dread
25th Jul 2014
 Your link does, RD. In the UK I can watch the clip on YouTube, but if i link the clip to this site, i receive this message; "Watch this video on YouTube. Playback on other websites has been disabled by the owner."

25th Jul 2014
 Does it play in the UK?

Mikey Dread
25th Jul 2014
 Thanks for the US YouTube link, RD.

25th Jul 2014
 Great A-side track

Lightning's Girl-Nancy Sinatra

I have this on a Rhino Greatest Hits LP and the USA Reprise reissue.

Video must be viewed at YouTube itself.

Mikey Dread
25th Jul 2014
 Lightnings Girl starts out as a thundering tune and then goes into a orchestral section featuring some dissonance and some crazy glissandos. Superb!

Mikey Dread
9th Jul 2013
 Crazy but superb tune!

14th Nov 2012
 I always think this would have made a good cover version for The Cramps! As you say..Bonkers!

18th Apr 2012
 Absolutely bonkers but Absolutely Fabulous!

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