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Record Details

Artist:Swell Maps
Label:  Rough Trade
Catalogue:RT 021
Date:Sep 1979
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:19 Own
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A1Swell MapsReal ShocksNikki SuddenSwell MapsSwell Maps9.0  Rate
B1Swell MapsMonologuesNikki, PhonesSwell MapsSwell MapsRate
B2Swell MapsEnglish VerseNikki, PhonesSwell MapsSwell MapsRate


Picture sleeve.
Co-release with Rather records.


9th Nov 2013
 Deadwax messages on 2nd pressing, a-side: "Lets Have Another Wimpy", b-side: "Dail A Trilobite" (sic).
By the way, I believe the front cover is meant to be a guitar amp straining under the noise of Swell Maps, so the writing should be to the left going vertically.

5th Nov 2012
 Laminated, full colour sleeve added.

The non-laminated 'pastel' sleeve came with the first 2000 copies. Apparently, a repressing was needed because the sound quality of the initial run wasn't up to scratch (no pun intended).

Those early pressings also feature a slightly longer version of 'English Verse'. The original tape had been damaged prior to repressing and the song needed to be faded early.

2nd Jul 2012
 Deadwax A: A wimp song for raincoats B: Dai - a geology specimum

30th Jan 2012
 B side tracks are reversed on my copy

16th Jan 2012
 could never work out which way round this sleeve should be!!.....does the washing machine/fridge/tv/microwave/whatever it is stand on the cloud with 'swell maps' up the left or as here with 'swell maps' across the top. I've plumped with the former now 'cos the back cover is that way up too! i'm sure others will go with what's here as, to be fair, it does look like a microwave/tv at this angle. one of my fave pic sleeves because of it's ambiguity. I think both sleeves are card as my copy is the pastel version with address on card and not paper. This shows the more vibrant version with no address also on card


1st Jul 2011
 Also, the Rather address info isn't on the laminated ones.

30th Jun 2011
 Yes, two sleeves exist...I think the pastel one is paper (and rarer) the darker co our sleeve is laminated

31st Mar 2010
 Two different sleeves, I think; one pastel shaded, one more strident.

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