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Artist:Television Personalities
Label:  Rough Trade
Catalogue:RT 033 / LYN 5976 / 7
Date:Nov 1979
Title:Where's Bill Grundy Now?
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:18 Own
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A1Television PersonalitiesPart Time PunksRate
A2Television PersonalitiesWhere's Bill Grundy Now?Rate
B1Television PersonalitiesHappy FamiliesRate
B2Television PersonalitiesPosing At The RoundhouseRate


Rough Trade reissue of KR-001 which most closely resembles variation 2.

Some copies have plain white labels so are quite tricky to tell apart from a King's Road issue. Some have printed labels which make it obvious.



1st Mar 2013
 Bought mine in Jan 1979, came in the sleeve shown at the top (but with a square cut out) and had white stamped labels, scans of which I have added.
No mention of Rough Trade, but that's who I got it from.

11th Oct 2011
 I believe there should be a separate entry for the King's Road issue. I don't trust the net, but my feeling is it predates the Nov79 release date from RT by at least ten months, my not too trustworthy mind puts this definitely into 78, relatively close to an 'O' level release.

NB: Mine has the same cover as Auto_Da_Fe's, he beat me to uploading a scan.

9th Oct 2011
 white labels are, i believe, the 'kings road' label issues. apparently there may be upto four different sleeves. the rough trade re-issue, which this listing is for, has black labels and the sleeve is the one with the headless figure on it with the track listing on the left and the words '4 track ep kings road records' as well. confused? you soon will be!

7th Oct 2011


7th Oct 2011
 Added alternative sleeve.. I actually think original copies of this are on King's Road rather than Rough Trade (though perhaps not with a catalogue number per se). Mine has white labels and the matrices are marked LYN 5976 and 5977.

24th Nov 2010
 In a word - awesome!

31st Mar 2010
 Copy pictured is a later reissue.

Originally with white labels - occasionally rubber-stamped - and several variants on a cheapo wraparound sleeve.

It's a masterpiece, by the way.

29th Jul 2009
 The labels on my copy are all White with a hand-stamped "TV Personalities".and no mention of Rough Trade either...

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