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Artist:The Libertines
Label:  Rough Trade
Catalogue:RTRADES 054
Date:3 Jun 2002
Chart Position:37
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Community:8 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe LibertinesWhat A Waster10.0  Rate
BThe LibertinesI Get Along10.0  Rate


Thin Yoghurt
3rd Nov 2012
 Thanks Billy I have done so and linked it to this original. At least I know what to look out for now.

Billy Two
2nd Nov 2012
 I can't verify whether all bootlegs are side or top opening, but originals are certainly top. However, it's certain that originals have red print and a hand etched matrix of :


The good news, Thin Yoghurt, is that you can add your copy as a new entry under bootleg ! ;-)

Thin Yoghurt
2nd Nov 2012
 I have just checked my copy and noticed that my labels do not have any red text on either side - just black and white. The sleeve is top opening and the run out etchings are just "LIB A" and "LIB B". Is it bad news?

23rd Jul 2011
 VJ: thanks for the tip-off; the collectabilty of this (and a number of other CDs) does cross my mind from time to time. You see, virtually all of my CDs (about 200, mainly singles) 'disappeared' after a break-in some years ago...thankfully the vinyl went untouched (not as portable for a quick getaway!). I never really embraced CD anyway, but still a bit of a blow. My USB vinyl turntable (a 40th birthday present from my wonderful siblings) has been a godsend!

23rd Jul 2011
 PJ - The CD single is collectable as well... might be worth sticking it on ebay if you still don't like it... some chancers have them on BIN for £20...

Love both sides of this - I saw them supporting Supergrass when only this had been released... amazing! It is a shame Pete turned into a cartoon and Carl just went dull...

Billy Two
19th Jul 2011
 @ PJ - The Strokes debut is another work of (referential) genius, indeed ! If only they'd split after two albums like the Libs did then I'd probably be frothing about them in the same way !! :D

@ Gordon7009 - oh no, really ?? I didn't know that...the completist in me is gonna want one now !

19th Jul 2011
 The counterfeits also have the album version of "I Get Along" instead of the original version...

19th Jul 2011
 Ha ha ha! Thanks Billy; I could feel myself growing older even as I read your post (I was a Pistols, Jam and Stranglers fan in '77 - but I still only turned 10 that year!). I dunno - it's not the old "hearditallbefore" argument you allude to (I loved The Hives, and my own fave 21st century debut is The Strokes' "The Modern Age": neither of those bands were exactly dripping with originality); I think it's just that my expectations were raised too high by NME hyperbole (though having said that the only previous time I'd invested in an unheard band purely on their recommendation - Kenickie - they were spot on).

Now where's me pipe 'n' slippers?

Billy Two
19th Jul 2011
 Ah, PJ - what's not to like about this ? Three short minutes of knocked out punk buskability, humourously messed up lyrics about an unhumourously messed up life, a big speed fuelled sing along chorus that's liberally laced with gratuitous swearing thus guaranteeing a ban from daytime radio play - I'm sure there are apologies due (as there always have to be) from anyone who was too-young-to-remember-it-first-time-round, but it can get pretty boring listening to yr Grandad wittering on for the umpteenth time about theclaaashandtheseeexpistolsmanandbuzzcocksandit-all-sounds-the-same-only-not-as-good-no-one-does-it "like that" anymore, and every now and again you just want to jump up, shove a sock in his mouth, and shout "SHUT IT ! ENOUGH ! I WANNA GO !"

The Libertines did do it "like that", and a new generation quite rightly loved it. I must stop drinking coffee in the mornings.


18th Jul 2011
 Bloody hell, The Libertines have been counterfeited? Bought this (on CD) after all the NME hype, just to see what the fuss was about.

I'm still none the wiser.

Billy Two
18th Jul 2011
 Originals have top opening sleeves - apparently the counterfeits (of Swedish or German origin ??) have side opening sleeves...

16th Jul 2011
 Top record. Thought it was an edition of 2000 though. Tricky to find, beware of counterfeits!!

12th Nov 2008
 Edition of 1000. Still the best debut single of the 21st Century so far *ducks for cover...*

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