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Artist:Golden Earrings
Label:  Polydor
Catalogue:S 1223
Date:7 Apr 1967
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Community:14 Own, 1 Wants
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AGolden EarringsIn My HouseM. Gerritsen, G. KooymansRate
BGolden EarringsSmoking CigarettesM. Gerritsen, G. KooymansRate


Number: 1495334  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: Cover

Number: 1495335 
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: Back cover

Number: 169431 
Uploaded By: Focco Bijlsma
Description: A Side Label

Number: 169432 
Uploaded By: Focco Bijlsma
Description: B Side Label

Number: 169429  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Focco Bijlsma
Description: Front cover

Number: 169430  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Focco Bijlsma
Description: Back cover


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NederPop 1950-1980
183 Records by Singelaugust
C09 Nederbeat / Dutchbeat - Beat, Bluf & Branie (poster)
97 Records by Vinyl4u

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