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Artist:Booker T. And The M.G.'s
Label:  Stax
Date:Jul 1962
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Community:39 Own, 2 Want
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ABooker T. And The M.G.'sGreen OnionsJones, Cropper, Jackson, Steinberg9.0  Rate
BBooker T. And The M.G.'sBehave YourselfJones, Cropper, Jackson, SteinbergRate


BB July 21, 1962


5th Nov 2014
 The Volt release has matrix numbers in the 1000 series, used for local (Memphis) Stax releases (see Stax local matrix numbers). All Stax 127 scans here have the Atlantic 6295/6296 matrix numbers. Does Stax 127 also exist as a local release with the 1063/1064 matrix numbers?


5th Nov 2014
 I love The Beatles. They are why I wanted to become a musician. My username is derived from one of their lyrics. That said, have you noticed that they were four of the least bluesy musicians, possibly in the history of recorded sound? 12-Bar Original is solid proof that they could not play the blues to save their lives! Even Yer Blues wasn't the blues. They couldn't play R&B, either. They turned those early covers of R&B songs into excellent pop music, but there was no R&B in them whatsoever anymore. I think that's what made much of the early British Invasion so special: British groups trying and failing to replicate the sound of American R&B, and creating a whole new sound in the process.

5th Nov 2014
 the beatles did a version of this under the title 12 bar original

It may have been inspired by it but it sure wasn't the same song.

Record Collector
5th Nov 2014
 the beatles did a version of this under the title 12 bar original

Neil Forbes
5th Nov 2014
 It's a curious thing to do, nonetheless. There was another example posted earlier of The Equals with the same record issued on Bert Berns' Bang label, as well as being issued on the Shout label. Seems to me like a record company out to maximise its profits by putting the same record out twice on separate labels(assuming that, like Bang, Shout is/was part of the Webb IV group).

5th Nov 2014
 Perhaps to give a fledgling label an instant hit!...(it's not a pressing error, the Volt issue has it's own catalog number)....John

Neil Forbes
5th Nov 2014
 Ooh you're such a stirrer, BeatleJohn! Just looked at the linked releases(below) saw this track also issued on Stax's subsidiary Volt label about the same time in 1962 - curious, that!

5th Nov 2014
 (Watch....I'm gonna p*ss off a lot of folks!....hee, hee!).......AUGH!...an American 45 with a British Polydor adapter....YUK!.....John

4th Nov 2014
 Any idea when that photo was taken?

4th Nov 2014
 The very same, RD.

4th Nov 2014
 Juke Jules: Is this the same Jools Holland as depicted in that picture?

IR 9906

Juke Jules
4th Nov 2014
 Nice picture of Jones with a giant replica of this 45 on Jules Holland's Gallery

28th Feb 2014
 Variant scans added. (lettering, green label)

Monarch ∆44188
Monarch ∆44188-X

Juke Jules
23rd Aug 2012
 Yes they recorded Green Onions as an afterthought for the B-side

25th Sep 2011
 Such a smooth track...I once read that the B-side was originally called "Green Onions" and the recording engineer told the band that the A-side had a better claim to that title. What a great title, and a great song, too!

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