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Artist:The Hallmarks [New Jersey]
Label:  Smash
Date:Sep 1967
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Community:3 Own, 6 Want
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AThe Hallmarks [New Jersey]Soul Shakin' Psychedelic SallyR. ScalzoTommy FalconeTommy FalconeRate
BThe Hallmarks [New Jersey]Girl Of My DreamsR. ScalzoTommy FalconeTommy FalconeRate

10th Oct 2014
 I've always enjoyed this one, though the excessive echoing of the vocals probably prompted most radio station PD's to throw it right onto the latest pile of 45's they were never going to play unless it became a hit elsewhere and listeners called in the requests. Dang good fun, it is!

5th Apr 2014

1st Jan 2013
 Its always great to hear from the people who made the discs, Russ. Give us few more details.

1st Jan 2013
 Hello, my name is Russ Scalzo I wrote and sang the Psychedelic Sally. I never had one of the promo copies but I do have a red label version. There is a musical called Running Through The Fire that is based on The Hallmarks and our journey from early band days to the present coming this summer in Jersey. Anyway just wanted to check in. Thanks, Russ

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