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Artist:Danny And The Juniors
Label:  Singular
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ADanny And The JuniorsAt The HopSinger, Medora, WhiteArtie SingerRate
BDanny And The JuniorsSometimesWhiteArtie SingerRate


27th Sep 2015

2nd Jun 2015
 Have added scans of the labels without the Artie Singer reference. Does anyone know which came first with or without?

13th Jul 2014
 B-side title is overly extended from what is on the label for this issue. It should read Sometimes.


11th Aug 2013
 I have added Do The Bop as its own release on here.

10th Aug 2013
 In thinking it over more, 1995 sounds close, or maybe 1994 at the earliest. Regardless, I remember taking a trip to RELIC RECORDS in Hackensack, NJ. The record was newly on sale there for $3.00, IIRC. Upon playing it though, I said it didn't sound anything like Danny & the Juniors and passed on it, thinking it was an oddball group trying to capitalize on the legend of the song. Had I known then that Johnny Madara was a part of the picture, I would have bought it then. But I waited until years later until I found out the truth behind it from Johnny himself and bought it from him via his CD offering of it. The "Do The Bop" record copy I got about a year later cost me almost as much as the original release by then!

10th Aug 2013
 I was told the Do The Bop 45 was from a little later.... 1995 or so.... I own one (which I bought in 2003), but it's in storage now... I wonder if there is a way to determine when it was pressed, as I believe the vinyl has a dip in it the way many 45s pressed at United Record Pressing do...

10th Aug 2013
 The "Do The Bop" release IS most certainly from around 1990. Allegedly it was issued by Artie Singer as a way of marketing the original song that was never released back in the day, making it legit. On lead vocal on BOTH sides is Johnny Madara, backed by the Juvenaires. At the time, Madara was still under contract with CAPITOL Records via their PREP label. He offered Capitol/PREP to release them but they weren't interested. The story goes that the song, "Do The Bop" was shown to Dick Clark, who suggested they change the title as The Bop was a dance on the way out by that time. The song was re-written as "At The Hop" and recorded by the Juvenaires by themselves, with member Danny Rapp stepping up front to be the lead singer and the Juvenaires becoming Danny & the Juniors. Had Capitol taken interest, Madara would have stayed with the project. The "Sometimes" side was also re-recorded with Rapp on lead. Legit copies of "At The Hop" also exist without mention of the "Orchestra Directed by Artie Singer" on the label. Madara had started out on SINGULAR with his debut release there, "Be My Girl", that wound up on PREP.

18th Jun 2013
 {Image #877007} looks like a bootleg/repro from the later '80's into the '90's. The particular label fonts tell the tale.

18th Jun 2013
 S-711X same record, variation to song title

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