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Label:  Sire
Date:Jun 1976
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Community:3 Own, 6 Want
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ARamonesBlitzkreig BopRamonesCraig Leon10.0  Rate
BRamonesHavana AffairRamonesCraig Leon7.0  Rate


-- both sides "pushed together stereo"
-- A-side is a re-mixed version


2nd Jul 2012
 Original UK single has the guitar entirely on one side, John (as I was startled to find out once when the relevant speaker connection had worked itself loose). Sounds like that's the LP mix.

2nd Jul 2012
 Going through my Ramones singles the other day, I've given them the "audio check" (comparing them against the LP versions)..whereas the stereo mixes on the first LP of both songs have wide stereo imaging (insanely, guitars totally to one side...bass shifted to the other side...vocals and drums in center)...this single issue has the imaging pushed together on both tracks (the guitars and bass are pushed to 10 o'clock/2 o'clock) "Blitzkreig Bop" also has extra reverb/echo on the "Hey, Ho, Let's Go" vocal chants....John (curiously, does the UK single do the same thing?)

2nd Sep 2011
 Added stock copy, John

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