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Label:  Pageant
Catalogue:SAM 101
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Community:12 Own, 1 Wants
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ASmokeRide, Ride, Ride (Dick Turpin)Reed, Geoff Gill, Howden, Wil MaloneGeoff Gill, Wil MaloneRate
BSmokeGuy FawkesReed, Gill, MaloneGeoff Gill, Wil MaloneRate


Oakley Boys
8th Sep 2012
 SAM 101 is in the run-out grooves

The Bensons
13th Sep 2011
 For some bizarre reason, I have ended up with FOUR copies of this single! Anybody need one?

14th Jun 2011
 Ahem!.....that's Bridlington, East Yorkshire if you don't mind. The name of Humberside was foisted upon us in 1974 by faceless bureaucrats from Whitehall and it was finally cast into the North Sea in 1996. Absolutely nothing to do with music but I felt it had to be said.

This has been a party political broadcast on behalf of the EYLF (East Yorkshire Liberation Front).........Humberside division :-)

13th Jun 2011
 According to Ray Moodys "Nearly Famous"
Geoff Gill was, prior to The Smoke (based York/Scarborough), in The Viceroys (based in York) and before that, The shots (based in Scarborough, moved to London for the single).

For bands in the 1950's and 60's this area of England consisted of 4 main towns to play in, York/ Scarborough/Bridlington/ Hull all within 40 miles of each other. The music scene was a relatively small one compared to the south which is why Mick Ronson was/ is connected in some way to nearly every band from the area!

For exhaustive lists of personel and bands try and find a copy of Nearly Famous theres over 600 pages of info about Yorkshire/ Humberside bands.

Deepinder Cheema
13th Jun 2011
 I think Geoff Gill is from Bridlington Humberside. He brought down his mates in Red Dirt from his local area and recorded the LP farmed out to Fontana in a matter of 2 weekends worth of studio downtime. I did the research and talked to Red Dirt band member just to satisfy my curious nature, and to get some facts. Further connections are Trevor Bolder, Mick Ronson, and Michael Chapman.

I cannot see catalogue number SAM 101 on the label!

13th Jun 2011
 trivial 'factoid' , The Smoke hailed from the York area, as did Guido Fawkes.

carey jeggs
13th Jun 2011
 Thanks davie gordon.I remember Colin James & Keith Cooper's Sweet Lorraine.But I never knew who Morgan was till now.

davie gordon
13th Jun 2011
 No - they were Pete Morgan and Colin James. I don't think they ever had anything to do with Morgan Studios.

carey jeggs
13th Jun 2011
 Was Barry Morgan half of the Morgan-James Duo?

Deepinder Cheema
12th Jun 2011
 Is this another record under the umbrella of Morgan Studios?

All the suspects are there, so I wonder if this is yet another label created by Barry Morgan and the still living Monty Babson.

The others from the top of my head:

Hobo, Gull, Morgan, Morgan Bluetown, and other product licensed to Fontana (Red Dirt, Wil Malone) Polydor, Parlophone, Columbia. Morgan had a music publishing section and the engineers and producers working for Barry and Monty had a go at making recordings when studio downtime was available.

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