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Artist:The Rolling Stones
Label:  Rolling Stones
Catalogue:SAM 3
Format:Promo Only 7"
Title:Excerpts From 'Exile On Main Street'
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Community:1 Owns, 5 Want
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AThe Rolling StonesAll Down The LineJagger, Richard10.0  Rate
BThe Rolling StonesRocks OffJagger, Richard9.3  Rate


28th Jan 2015
 Deepinder, I had the same thought, so I've started a list of SAM prefixes.

Deepinder Cheema
9th Nov 2014
 We need a list of SAM issues

21st Mar 2014
 Stonestein - I have the one sided 'Tumbling dice'. It is very unusual in that the flipside has a chequered effect and the centre hole is the large US/European style. It has the standard UK label pasted on the A-side with 'Mono for radio' handwritten on it.

6th Feb 2011
 I have both of these, the Rocks Off and the Shine a Light. There is also a 1-sided Tumbling Dice which I have never seen. I have always understood that these are test pressing prepared for advanced radio-play during the final stages of mixing the LP for the UK market. I know of only one other collector besides myself who has these.

29th Nov 2010
 I remember reading about this disc in Record Collector back in the '80s, when they serialised a 'special pressings price guide' in the back each month. Prior to finding this page on the site I'd never seen even the slightest reference to it anywhere since - not even in RC - so had begun to think it had been listed by mistake. Obviously well rare then - as the Doctor found out when bidding!

Oh, one other thing - that same RC listing also mentioned a 7" of 'Happy'/'Shine A Light' - cat no SAM 4...

Dr Doom
21st May 2009
 Managed to find another copy on Popsike.com and they don't appear to be acetates.

Did find out that Rocks Off came out on 45 in Japan - a slightly cheaper way of acquiring it on 7" vinyl.

18th May 2009
 "SAM" was a common WEA 'promo' serial #, once upon a time. Neat 45. Not an acetate?

Dr Doom
18th May 2009
 There seems to be very little reference to this single and presumably the stuck on labels suggest it could be rarer than a conventional Stones promo 45.

That certainly would explain me getting outbid by over £400 on Ebay.


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SAM Prefix - Warner Bros / WEA promo and bonus discs - 122 Items - List by Graham7

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