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Record Details

Label:  Scotti Brothers
Catalogue:SB 512
Date:Apr 1980
Format:Promo Only 7"
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Community:2 Own
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AIronhorseWhat's Your Hurry Darlin' [Short Version]Randy Bachman, Carl WilsonRandy Bachman, Dennis MacKayRate
BIronhorseWhat's Your Hurry Darlin' [Long Version]Randy Bachman, Carl WilsonRandy Bachman, Dennis MacKayRate


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25th May 2014
 Just realized that I also have a Monarch (MO) pressing of this promotional issue so have added it today.

24th May 2014
  Added (SP) Specialty Records label variant for missing "short version", as well as a cleaner image for #567943 with acknowledgement of original uploader Klepsie.
The stock release of this peaked at #89 on BB charts, the second chart entry for Ironhorse before their demise and metamorphosing into Union with the additon of C. F. Turner on bass and vocals (shades of Bachman Turner Overdrive).

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