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Record Details

Artist:Frankie Avalon
Label:  Chancellor
Catalogue:S-C 1040
Date:Aug 1959
Format:Special Edition 7"
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:4 Own
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AFrankie AvalonJust Ask Your HeartDe Nota, Ricci, DamataRate
BFrankie AvalonTwo FoolsPomus, ShumanRate


Stereo issue Info says that did not come in a picture sleeve


Number: 285694  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: vidman45
Edited By: Getalife
Description: C1040a-st-Label

Number: 1260846 
Uploaded By: FredClemens
Description: B side

28th Jun 2015
 Incorrect video deleted. I hear the difference. Quite odd what they did.
Thanks for the correction.

28th Jun 2015
 Different version of the A side there, drako. As Fred already commented, this is the correct 45 version for this specific stereo 45:


28th Jun 2015

"Two Fools"-stereo


1st Oct 2013
 I'd lose the sleeve for this listing. Had there been an actual sleeve for this stereo issue, it would have also had the stereo number on it, even as a pasteover on the mono number. Besides, most stereo 45's of the era were primarily made for juke boxes. There would be no need for a sleeve.


16th Aug 2013
 It's finally Later... Here is the original release of the Stereo issue of "Just Ask Your Heart". The ONLY way you could hear it this way was on the 1959 Stereo 45. All album counterparts of the day used the Mono version only. It wasn't until an ABC lp release in 1972 that the Stereo version would be heard on a wider scale, but it didn't sound like this.

...read my note on the release

They had originally recorded the song in Avalon's natural voice, as they did all of his records of the day. But when they made the transfer for the record, they always sped up the tape to make him sound younger. This time they forgot to speed up the tape ...until nearly the end of the song.

Fred Clemens


15th Aug 2013
 "Two Fools" here in Stereo is a unique recording over it's Mono counterpart. The Stereo version would appear in Mono form on Avalon's GUNS OF THE TIMBERLAND soundtrack EP, though the song was not used in the movie. "Just Ask Your Heart", though, is another story... Later.
Fred Clemens

3rd Dec 2012
 ...I'm not 100% sure..(thanks for moving by the way)...It may have just come in a company Chancellor sleeve...I'd leave it for now till we're certain...John

Dr Doom
3rd Dec 2012
 Did the stereo issue have it's own picture sleeve?

2nd Dec 2012
 I'll move these later...because this is the "Stereo" entry.....John

2nd Dec 2012
 sleeve a and b side added and label variation

5th Jan 2012
 Cover and B-side label added

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Stereo 45's - 1958-60
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