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Artist:Stray Cats
Label:  Arista
Catalogue:SCAT 1
Date:21 Nov 1980
Chart Position:9
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:97 Own, 1 Wants
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AStray CatsRunaway BoysSetzer, McDonnellDave Edmunds7.6  Rate
BStray CatsMy One DesireD. BurnetteDave Edmunds6.7  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 851


15th Jul 2016
 Hi Klepsie & Toad.
You are both right. I have a copy of this, and it states in the dead wax "Made in Germany"..so have just added it as an Export issue. (Could someone please now add the scans?). Cheers Guys!

9th Jun 2016
 Dead wax: (Image ID numbers 84130 & 84131) A large lyre (harp) meant to look like the U in "UTOPIA" (representing Townhouse Mastering, which started in 1979 and was run by Ian Cooper until 1992).

8th Jun 2016

The Toad
7th Jun 2016
 It's not just you, Klepsie - with those markings it does indeed look continental European.

7th Jun 2016
 Is it just me or do Dr Tripp's images with "ST 45" in overlapping circles look like a continental European pressing?

Tony Moss
7th Jun 2016
 Ta, musicman.

7th Jun 2016
 Hi Tony you can check yourself,just toured Japan and playing some shows in Europe, www.briansetzer.com

Tony Moss
7th Jun 2016
 No comments on this?

Even if its just to say what a great record?

Always liked this one way better than Stray Cat Strut and Rock This Town.

Wonder what Mr Setzer is up to these days?

Jonny Mod
11th Nov 2012

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