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Artist:Senator Sam J Ervin, Jr.
Label:  CBS
Catalogue:S CBS 1954
Date:23 Nov 1973
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Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 502


23rd Mar 2014
 Sam Ervin was another snake-in-the-grass politician who was nimbly able, for the most part, to escape capture for his every-day corrupt methods. Makes him rather run-of-the-mill. He was a major Democrat roadblock to Civil Rights legislation.

28th Jul 2011
 This is something of a curio - a spoken version with a distinctly homely backing. Quite why this was released in the UK I don't know - except maybe as a random stab at the novelty market. It was 1973, after all....

I suspect any other copies around will be promos too. Who was Senator Sam? Apparently one of the men who helped bring down both McCarthy and Nixon, for which I suspect he'll be remembered longer.

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