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Record Details

Artist:Dead End Kids
Label:  CBS
Catalogue:S CBS 4972
Date:4 Feb 1977
Chart Position:6
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:39 Own
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ADead End KidsHave I The RightAlan Blaikley, Howard BlaikleyBarry Blue9.5  Rate
BDead End KidsLady (Put The Light On Me)Wainman, GoodisonBarry Blue7.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 659


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16th Aug 2014
 That video was shown on actual TV?? Nice. Gives new meaning to the line "I just can't 'bare' it". Well, those girls sure were baring it.

16th Aug 2014
 I actually prefer this version to the Honeycombs original - it must be those tubular bells! I wonder why the single had the fade edited abruptly compared to the version on the album 'Breakout'? Another 10 seconds wouldn't have hurt too much!

Charlie Chalk
4th Jun 2014
 Added cleaner, but not yet perfect, promo scans, with a nod to cd1983.

1st Apr 2014
 Here Is the Very Very Rare Video with the Nude Dancing Girls High Quality Audio. just Enjoy. Oh! Why Couldn't TOTPS Be Like this. H.


17th Jun 2012
 Graham7, done as you requested.

17th Jun 2012
 Added NLD copy as new and linked it to this one. Can the image I added here be removed please, I have added it to CBS 4972 (EDIT: Thanks, Pomegranate)
The composer credit is listed here wrongly as Howard, Blaikley.
I notice the stock copy credits Howard Blaikley, and the demo credits Alan Blaikley and Howard Blaikley, as does the Dutch issue.

13th Jun 2012
 That looks like it deserves its own NLD entry to me.

13th Jun 2012
 Added scan of VERY Dutch copy of this in Haarlam sleeve. Is this a UK import/variation or a NLD release in it's own right?!

6th Mar 2011

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