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Artist:The Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:SCD 2007
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Community:2 Own
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AThe Queen's Hall Light OrchestraCoronation ScotVivian Ellis8.0  Rate
BThe Queen's Hall Light OrchestraThe Horse Guards - WhitehallHaydn WoodRate


Conducted by Sidney Torch


3rd Oct 2010
 That's how 45s were supposed to be and all the first EMI pressings had a large hole. Some came with metal 'removable/replaceable' centres (I've had a quick look on this site and couldn't find any but there are pictures somewhere - I've seen them!). Apparently these often damaged the records when they were removed and weren't too easily replaceable so they didn't last long. Plus virtually all record players in the UK were small spindle with multi-speed.

The Toad
3rd Oct 2010
 Two pieces of Light Music that will be familiar to older contributors: they're the theme tunes to the BBC Radio programmes 'Paul Temple' and 'Down Your Way' respectively. 'Coronation Scot', a picture in music of a steam train, is quite evocative.
I have several very early EMI singles with these large central holes. Does anybody know why they were pressed this way? I presume from the content that they weren't dinked for use in jukeboxes! Were EMI just following the American fashion, or what?

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