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Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Apple
Catalogue:SD 6061
Date:Mar 1969
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Community:6 Own
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AThe BeatlesBack In The USSRLennon, McCartneyRate
BThe BeatlesDon´t Pass Me ByLennon, McCartneyRate


issued with a Swedish picture sleeve


7th Oct 2015
 Hi. Total 15 White album songs Are available worldwide as 45 singles: Back in the USSR, Obladi oblada, Wild Honey Pie, While my guitar gently weeps, Happiness is a warm gun, Blackbird, Don't pass me by, Helter skelter, Why don't we do it in the road, I will, Julia, Birthday, Sexy Sadie, Cry baby cry, Revolution 9.
10 others on 45 EP worldwide: Glass onion, Bungalow Bill, Martha my dear, Rocky Raccoon, Me and my monkey, Long long long, Yer blues, Honey Pie, Savoy truffle, Good night.
So 25 of 30 tracks on 45, not bad.
And Piggies is on 33 EP from Mexico.
And Revolution 1 may be on EP from Bolivia but I don't have it yet. Beatle Lew.

24th Sep 2015
 Hi. Question. Are any other Denmark Beatles 45 pre-Get back in Stereo, or was this a rare mistake? Beatle Lew.

24th Aug 2015
 Hi. Also note the incorrect Lennon-McCartney credit on B side. Same as Norway (incorrect). Sweden got it right, and in Mono. Beatle Lew.

27th Jul 2015
 Hi. One of the top 40 Hardest to find Beatle 45 singles. This label photo says Denmark. I don't know if there are any "Finland" copies. Also interesting, Denmark version is 9 seconds faster Stereo 45, whereas Norway and Sweden are slower and Mono. This is the only worldwide Stereo 45 of Dont pass me by. Weird but cool. Beatle Lew.

27th Nov 2012
 Interestingly it was Don´t pass me by that was promoted as the radio entry March 1969 in Denmark. It made No. 1 but faded quickly.

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