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Artist:The Shadows
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:SEG 8135
Date:Feb 1962
Title:Spotlight On The Shadows
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Community:40 Own
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A1The ShadowsThe Frightened CityParamor7.0  Rate
A2The ShadowsKon-TikiCarr8.0  Rate
B1The ShadowsPeace PipeParamor8.0  Rate
B2The ShadowsThe SavageParamor7.0  Rate


No. 1 on EP chart


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14th Feb 2012
 In keeping with precedent already established by "The Shadows To The Fore", this UK EP featured three 1961 A-sides and one of their B-sides (rather than compiling two As and 2 Bs). Norrie Paramor will have done alright for royalties on this one, as it contained three of his compositions, all film-related, as well as Michael Carr's Kon-Tiki.

The disc appears to bear one of the first recorded publications (perhaps the first) of the Shadows' original business trademark or logo. Bruce, Hank, Jet and Tony are shown in descending order of height from left to right. Was there ever a logo more instantly recognisable and better-matched to its times?

The famous silhouette was later used on all Shadows Music (Belinda) publications of sheet music in single song and album format. The silhouette outline was eventually airbrushed and amended to suggest the changing line-up (with slight alteration to the outline of the drummer's face and an amalgam of the Jet and Bruce outlines to suggest the taller figure of John Rostill).

The pink top margin (simply stating who the artistes were, along with the "mono" legend) was unique among Shadows EPs. All of the others which had a top margin (1960-1966) show that area of the sleeve front rendered in white, and usually with the track titles for the whole of the EP's contents.

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