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Artist:The Shadows
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:SEG 8249
Date:Jun 1963
Title:Out Of The Shadows (No. 2)
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Community:16 Own
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A1The ShadowsThe RumbleIsaacs9.0  Rate
A2The ShadowsLittle "B"Bennett8.5  Rate
B1The ShadowsTales Of A Raggy TramlineHarris, Bennett6.5  Rate
B2The ShadowsKinda CoolMarvin, Welch6.0  Rate


No. 20 on EP chart

For Stereo version see ESG 7895


Number: 895051  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: Cover

Number: 895052 
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: Back cover

Number: 1306124 
Uploaded By: Wurzelsepp
Description: Cover back (variant)

Number: 895056 
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: A side label

Number: 895057 
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: B side label

Number: 125105 
Uploaded By: Hawkmarty
Description: A Side Label (variant)

Number: 125106 
Uploaded By: Hawkmarty
Description: B Side Label (variant)

Number: 98255  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Hawkmarty
Description: Sleeve Front

Number: 125069  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Hawkmarty
Description: Sleeve B

Number: 1306122  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Wurzelsepp
Description: Cover front (variant)

Number: 347581  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: JimboUK
Description: Out Of The Shadows No 2 EP (front)

Number: 347583  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: JimboUK
Description: OOTS No 2 EP (reverse)

13th Jun 2014
 Added better images of cover variant (coming with different cut at rear), also dug up Hawkmarty's label variant again which were hidden by mistake.

14th Feb 2012
 The second extended player to be garnered from the contents of The Shadows' second studio LP, this one cunningly filled its first side by coupling the shortest and longest tracks from the parent album. Tony's feature on his See You In My Drums had been used on one of the EPs taken from the first long-player, but Brian's Little B was a completely different kettle of fish. Whereas it was fairly easy to memorise the cadences of Tony's solo (including some of the phrases he later used on Diamonds), Brian's, being so much longer, was much more difficult to internalise and tap along to with a pair of your mum's knitting needles.

The Rumble, written by top UK sessioneer (and Hank's guitar teacher) Ike Isaacs, was the perfect opener for the LP and fills the same role here. It was nothing to do with the Leonard Bernstein mood music of the same title (from "West Side Story"). I remember hearing Ike's tune - played by a combo including Ike himself - on the BBC Light Programme one day in the summer of 1964 - on the "Val Doonican Show" (a weekday morning). This was just before Val had his first hits with the Irish novelty songs which were such a trademark for him. The "drum" part on Ike's version was played by a low-pitched wind instrument (possibly a baritone or bass saxophone). It was a long time ago...

The second side of this short programme features even more Brian Bennett in the form of the only known Harris/Bennett tune. Tales Of A Raggy Tramline, recorded on 1st June 1962, seven weeks after Jet and The Shadows had gone their separate ways. The closer is Hank's piano feature, Kinda Cool. Once more, the sleeve is rounded out with a note from the ubiquitous James Wynn of the NME.

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