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Record Details

Artist:Sex Pistols
Label:  Universal
Date:21 Apr 2012
Format:Picture Disc
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Community:20 Own, 1 Wants
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ASex PistolsAnarchy In The UKRotten, Jones, Cook, MatlockChris ThomasRate
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Record Store Day 2012 Release

Limited run of 3,500 copies in numbered stickered PVC sleeves


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18th Nov 2012
 This could nearly be considered the 20th anniversary reissue of the first Virgin issue VS 1431, released nearly 16 years after the original EMI 2566.
The artwork on this pic disc looks like that from 1992 anyways.

14th Jul 2012
 I don't live anywhere near any record shop, let alone one participating in RSD, so I've just had to hold my nose while paying through it (believe me, it's difficult) for an eBay copy of this...I won't say exactly how much; suffice to say the price exceeds those I paid to obtain the subsequent two pic discs (so far), in advance through online shops, combined.

I'll be buying "Holidays" if/when it comes around, but if Universal decide to put out 3500 pic disc copies of the LP, with a one-sided "Submission" pic disc for 'authenticity', they can go and '?*!*' themselves.


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