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Artist:Holly Golightly
Label:  Sympathy For The Record Industry
Catalogue:SFTRI 471
Date:Aug 1996
Format:Double Pack
Title:Won't Go Out
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:5 Own, 1 Wants
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AHolly GolightlyBelieve MeRate
BHolly GolightlyStainRate
CHolly GolightlyWon't Go OutRate
DHolly Golightly(It's) Too Late NowRate


Double 7" single in gatefold sleeve


Number: 1008233  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: pfftpfft
Description: Front sleeve

Number: 1008234 
Uploaded By: pfftpfft
Description: Back sleeve

Number: 1008235 
Uploaded By: pfftpfft
Description: Inside sleeve

Number: 1008236 
Uploaded By: pfftpfft
Description: A-side

Number: 1008237 
Uploaded By: pfftpfft
Description: B-side

Number: 1008238 
Uploaded By: pfftpfft
Description: C-side

Number: 1008239 
Uploaded By: pfftpfft
Description: D-side

Number: 350300  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: headcoat
Description: Front Cover

Number: 350303  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: headcoat
Description: Inner sleeve

Number: 350306  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: headcoat
Description: Back Cover (this one is signed)

Number: 350307  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: headcoat
Description: Disc 1 - A Side

Number: 350308  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: headcoat
Description: Disc 1 - B Side

Number: 350309  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: headcoat
Description: Disc 2 - A Side

Number: 350311  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: headcoat
Description: Disc 2 - B Side

16th Apr 2013
 Are you sure it's August '96? It says 1997 on the back cover...

28th Dec 2012
 You are right, the release date is Aug 1996 (it was a typo on my part)

28th Dec 2012
 Pretty sure this date is wrong. Releases around it are from 1996 though Discogs thinks 1997...

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