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Record Details

Artist:The Damned
Label:  Dodgy Demo Co
Catalogue:SGS 105
Title:Dodgy Demo
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Community:17 Own, 2 Want
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AThe DamnedLove SongScabies, Sensible, Vanian, WardRate
BThe DamnedBurglarScabies, Sensible, Vanian, WardRate


Released by the band and meant to look like a bootleg.

Love Song was later re-recorded and became the band's biggest hit up to that point.

Burglar appeared as the B-side to Smash It Up later that year.

Dodgy Demo, as this record is widely known, has been heavily bootlegged over the years.


27th Nov 2015
 Well after 2 years of waiting for an intact label-see other comments-here they are!

29th Aug 2013
 There is always merit. Go for it.

29th Aug 2013
 Mines still got an intact sticker any merit to uploading it?

29th Aug 2013
 Uploaded brown stickers.

a p mac
5th Feb 2013
 originals came with white or pink labels
and with black, blue or brown text on stickers
pink label with blue text scan added
labels on mine are unused labels
from, quite possibly this

11th Jan 2013
 All interesting info - thanks!

Problem Child
11th Jan 2013
 Signed label added. Having recently changed their name back to The Damned from The Doomed (- I went with 'Doomed' badges I'd made to sell!). The deal was, that the first 250 people in the Electric Ballroom, Camden on 23rd December '78 got a free signed copy - see above. They also did the same at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon the following night. Anyone who was there that night won't forget the local drunk 67 year old lady swearing at and insulting people and lifting up her blouse for those in the queue! The gig itself was marred by violence - from bouncers who seemed to go round beating anyone up. Algy Ward, who signed my copy, taunted fans at the front and was pulled off stage losing his bass. He chased after them and was held up by bouncers over the bar. The atmosphere was something else - and there's me holding on to my record for dear life, I can still smell the sweat on the sleeve... happy days. Came in plain white die-cut sleeve. My copy comes wrapped in a piece of Dave Vanian's black shirt which got ripped to bits after he threw it into the crowd - non-standard sleeve !

16th Apr 2012
 With both black and blue writings.

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