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Artist:[no artist listed]
Label:  Top Six
Catalogue:SIX 24
Title:No. 24
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Community:4 Own, 1 Wants
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A1[no artist listed]Day TripperLennon, McCartney10.0  Rate
A2[no artist listed]Rescue MeSmith, MinerRate
A3[no artist listed]If I Needed SomeoneHarrisonRate
B1[no artist listed]My Ship Is Coming InBrooks10.0  Rate
B2[no artist listed]We Can Work It OutLennon, McCartneyRate
B3[no artist listed]To Whom It ConcernsChris Andrews10.0  Rate


12th Mar 2012
 Ah, fair enough. I just scanned back through the previous volumes in this series and currently none of then have more than one version scanned (although I see that volume 7 has one side with the 'thin font' and one with the 'fat font'!)

12th Mar 2012
 The first Top Six to carry the large volume number was Top Six No.3 and they were issued in bold or thin type face for each issue. Also each carried a different title and copyright layout through to their end in 1967.

12th Mar 2012
 Label variant added (is this a first for Top Six?) with "No 24" in thin font and "Recording First Published 1966" in full instead of "(P) 1966".

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