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Label:  RSO
Date:Jan 1974
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AMeatloafMore Than You DeserveJ. SteinmanReid Whitelaw, Norman BergenNorman BergenRate
BMeatloafPresence Of The LordE. ClaptonReid Whitelaw, Norman BergenNorman BergenRate


27th Jan 2013
 Thanks for adding scans, John, nice.........cheers, Mike.

John davey
27th Jan 2013
 Thanks for the info Yankee! Images added! Also noticed the Mono/Stereo promo bears the "SP" indication.

25th Jan 2013
 Hi John davey,

Please check my comments at 7217, which will answer your question. Many other members have added to this also, and knowledge is being acquired continually.

If you can post the variant labels/pressing, then please go ahead.

John davey
25th Jan 2013
 I have now seen 3 distinct labels for this record that all bear the same main catalog number (SO-407). The one pictured here I do not own. I have two that are similar to the one pictured here but the font and some of the text is different and the placement of the text is different on each pressing.
There is a sub catalog number as well(ST-SO-27897) that only differs by two letters on each pressing. The one listed here is ST-SO-27897-PL, one copy I have is ST-SO-27897-SP and the other is ST-SO-27897-MO. Anyone know what these letters at the end indicate? Is it a reference to different pressing plants these three separate pressings may have been manufactured at?

14th Nov 2012
 Many thanks YankeeDisc for that full update. Much appreciated.

14th Nov 2012
 Presence Of The Lord was originally written and performed by Eric Clapton, with soulful vocals by Steve Winwood on the 1969 Blind Faith album, Polydor 583 059, at 4:56 running time.
It was pulled off as a single only in the US, 1977 , RS 873, at 4:50 running time, again in 1989 , 871-798-7, at 4:45 running time, and yet again in 1992 , COL 4266, timing not present on label.

Then, when Eric Clapton was doing his stint with The Dominos, in my humble opinion, his finest hour, he recorded a "live" version of said song, with Bobby Whitlock on backup vocals, at the legendary October 23–24,1970 gigs at The Fillmore East, Manhattan, NYC, which got an edited release in 1973 on Derek & The Dominos ‎– In Concert, timing was 6:33.
Another version, from the same Fillmore East gigs, again with Bobby Whitlock on backup vocals, was released on an updated version of the same album in 1993, Derek and the Dominos ‎– Live At The Fillmore, running time 6:16.
In 1973, an edited live version of Presence Of The Lord, at 6:07 was issued in US as a single, as B Side to "Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad", another live cut, edited, on SO-400. The same single gained release in UK, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, and Germany, details here..
Finally Andrea Robinson performs a version as Side B to PRO 541.

BEST VERSION, the 6:33 long cut, from "Derek & The Dominos ‎– In Concert" - check it.

14th Nov 2012
 A rare record, which unfortunately I don't have. I've found a recording of More Than You Deserve from The Public Theater in 1973 and it is reasonable to suppose that the release here would have a similar arrangement. And then there's Presence Of The Lord; I'm not familiar with the song so can't really comment on Meat's version, but I prefer the soon to come Steinman-produced era.

More Than You Deserve (1973 version)

Presence Of The Lord


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