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Record Details

Artist:Philip Lynott
Label:  Vertigo
Catalogue:SOLO 3
Date:Dec 1980
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:7 Own
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APhilip LynottYellow PearlUre, LynottPhilip Lynott, Kit Woolven4.0  Rate
BPhilip LynottGirlsBain, Lynott, RobertsonPhilip Lynott, Kit WoolvenRate


13th Jul 2011
 Nice little number and used as the BBC's Top Of The Pop's new theme,

The UK versions 7" and 12" had custom yellow labels and a yellow non die-cut sleeves as I recall

I have to admit this is not my fave theme tune to anything TOTP or otherwise, but it is deffo of it's time and sums up 80's pop.

Phonogram paper labels were refreshing after a near decade of constant IEPs and give the record it's dignity and class back

(I don't think any TOTP theme can ever come close to CCS "Whole Lotta Love" )

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