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Artist:Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs
Label:  Sonet
Catalogue:SON 2027
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Community:6 Own, 1 Wants
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ATerry Dactyl And The DinosaursSea Side ShuffleJohn Lewis8.0  Rate
BTerry Dactyl And The DinosaursBall And ChainJohn LewisRate


Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts in disguise. ‘Shuffle’ was released under a pseudonym presumably because it wasn’t representative of the band’s usual Blues style, being a summery Pop record complete with accordion, zobstick and oil drum. It flopped for Sonet, but went to No.2 in the Charts the following year when Jonathan King licensed it to his UK label. ‘Ball’ is in a similar sort of vein but is far less catchy. The Thunderbolts / Dinosaurs made two more singles for UK, the first in a similar style, the second more restrained.


20th Apr 2013
 Interesting interview with Jona Lewie on this record

11th Nov 2012
 No, this was not a reissue, I purchased it first time round before its reissue a year later on UK Records.

The Toad
2nd Jul 2012
 No, it pre-dates Jona Lewie's solo success. Sonet did issue what appears to be a cash-in, but it came in the form of an LP entitled 'Alias Jona Lewie' (SNTF-794), which collected together some of his solo singles and some Terry Dactyl ones - the sleeve notes of the LP refer to his 'subsequent work with Stiff Records'.
My apologies, incidentally, for putting information in the 'notes' part when I should have put it in 'comments' where it would have been seen. I was a tadpole at the time, and I didn't know any better...

1st Jul 2012
 I suspect the issue on Sonet is a reissue to cash in on the chart success of Jona Lewie in 1980?

25th Dec 2010
 Both sides in Stereo, even though clearly some copies say mono

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