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Artist:Jr. Walker And The All Stars
Label:  Soul
Catalogue:S-35012 / 35012 / Soul 35012
Date:13 May 1965
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Community:18 Own, 1 Wants
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AJr. Walker And The All StarsDo The BoomerangCrosby, DeWalt, WoodsCrosby, Stevenson7.0  Rate
BJr. Walker And The All StarsTune UpAutry DeWaltGordy, Horn8.5  Rate


3rd Nov 2015

3rd Dec 2014
 Added label variations

Juke Jules
8th Aug 2012

9th Sep 2011
 Whoa!!!!....What Catagna45 uploaded is a "Bell" label mis-print!!!!!!...(look closely at the blacked-out area...that's a printers screw-up....Motown records were not distributed by Bell)....John

9th Sep 2011
 A & B scans of 'white', unpunctured copy uploaded, as suggested, Davie.

davie gordon
27th Aug 2011
 I think it's the quality of the scan, at least I've never seen a grey one.
Getting the exact tone is frequently a problem with scans ... I always have trouble with reds.

If it's no problem feel free to add other scans.

27th Aug 2011
 Davie...is this hantsguys copy really grey in the background? Or is it the scan quality? Otherwise my copy is identical, but with the white background (as on the recently posted 'Shot Gun'). Do you want me to upload mine?

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