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Artist:Johnny O'Keefe And The Dee Jays
Label:  Festival
Date:Aug 1957
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AJohnny O'Keefe And The Dee JaysAm I BlueAkst, ClarkeRate
BJohnny O'Keefe And The Dee JaysLove Letters In The SandKenny, CootsRate


Johnny O'Keefe and The Dee Jays
Vocal by Johnny, Dave and John

Saxes: Dave Owens, John Balken; Guitar: Kevin Naughton; Bass: Keith Williams; Drums: John [Catfish] Purser


Number: 445675  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: coodercat
Edited By: musictom
Description: a side label

Number: 445676 
Uploaded By: coodercat
Edited By: musictom
Description: b side label

Number: 1229652 
Uploaded By: Colt45
Description: A Side Label - factory test pressing

Number: 1229653 
Uploaded By: Colt45
Description: B Side Label - factory test pressing

28th Aug 2014
 it's just and odd shape label for festival, it was just a hunch on my part!

28th Aug 2014
 I doubt if an ARC pressing as it is not an O.C. which they had untli late 1958,
I have never peeled of a label to see what is underneath.
The only ARC Festival pressing i have noticed is the Bill Haley "See You Later, Alligator" - SP45-886, which has ARC matrix numbers in the vinyl

28th Aug 2014
 earlybird, this is the hex label JOK 45 I mentioned today.

6th Apr 2014
 earlybird, I seek your learned opinion on this 45. The fact this release has the octagon label does this mean the disc was pressed by Coronet (forerunner to Columbia in Australia for those out of the loop)? Seems strange the number of pre release copies Festival would require they couldn't run a batch themselves, unless they were overly optimistic in the number of promo or test copies they needed.

5th Apr 2014
 looks like this factory test pressing done by ARC (Coronet)!

4th Apr 2014
 different labels - factory test pressing

4th Apr 2014

Am I Blue

21st Aug 2013
 How many copies of this got out ? I've seen heaps .... anyone know for sure ??

3rd Jun 2013

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