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Record Details

Artist:Daddy Cool
Label:  Sparmac
Date:May 1971
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Community:15 Own
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ADaddy CoolEagle RockR. WilsonRobie Porter10.0  Rate
BDaddy CoolBom BomR. Wilson, R. HannafordRobie Porter8.0  Rate


mickey rat
8th Mar 2016
 Check out Formie's link to the youtube live TV clip of Come Back Again. (Scroll down). Fast forward to 2:20 for a three minute guitar solo by Ross Hannaford. The cameraman doesn't really seem to know who to focus on, but Hannaford is the unobtrusive tall skinny guy doing a wonderful job.

8th Mar 2016
 RIP Ross Hanaford... Lost his battle with cancer, aged only 65

The Toad
19th Jan 2016
 'B' side label without the LP reference added.

The Bear
30th Sep 2015

2nd Apr 2015
 Added alternative A-Side, "From The LP....." missing.

Record Collector
23rd Oct 2014
 aussie classic

Alan Phillips
16th Aug 2014

mickey rat
24th Apr 2012
 Well done guys. Got a copy of "Come Back Again" VJ? I always liked that one a lot too.

24th Apr 2012
 Would you not agree: a great Aussie classic?

24th Apr 2012
 It's here now.

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