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Record Details

Artist:The Ad Libs
Label:  Share
Catalogue:SR 104
Date:Mar 1969
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:15 Own
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AThe Ad LibsGiving UpVan McCoyVan McCoyVan McCoyRate
BThe Ad LibsAppreciationVan McCoyVan McCoyVan McCoyRate


BB Mar 8, 1969


Number: 1438006  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: TheDA1
Description: a-side

Number: 1438007 
Uploaded By: TheDA1
Description: b-Side

Number: 160985 
Uploaded By: Juke Jules
Description: A Side, printer error

Number: 160986 
Uploaded By: Juke Jules
Description: B Side, printer error

Number: 161177 
Uploaded By: Juke Jules
Description: Matrix Detail

Number: 479169 
Uploaded By: mickey rat
Edited By: KeithS
Description: A Side Label

Number: 1736827 
Uploaded By: ukapta
Description: A Side Label - Promo Copy (Same Both Sides)

19th Aug 2015
 Purple label pressing. B-side


19th Aug 2015
 The promo {Image #1736827} was after Share entered into their distribution agreement with Shelby Singleton (it was independent aforehand); but since it's on both sides, I wish to note this entry where such a scan already is.

19th Aug 2015
 added side A label image promo copy - same both sides - with credit to Shelby Singleton Corp

8th Feb 2014

Sampled by Harry Diamond to truly superb effect in 2000.

23rd Jun 2012
 My scanner is unfortunately unavailable for me to do anything, but I have a copy (pressed by Columbia's Pitman, NJ plant, natch', with their label typesetting as seen on the powder / turquoise blue {Images #160985 & 160986}) with a dark bluish / violet color background and silver print a la {Image #479169} - speaking of which, that last-numbered variant was from a plant (in New Jersey, perhaps?) which was famous (or infamous) for pressing for the Stang / All Platinum labels up to 1972, and latter-day Carnival [New York], as well as for George Goldner's Cotique label at the time of Dickie Goodman's 1969 record "On Campus."

mickey rat
23rd Jun 2012
 Added dark blue label (low res.) with "Giving Up" as A side and no ZTSP matrix on label. Sorry can't check dead wax either cos I no longer have record.

24th Feb 2012
 "Giving Up" was cited as the A side on pressings from Columbia's Pitman, NJ pressing plant, while "Appreciation" was listed as the A side on Terre Haute, IN pressings. Oddly, both used label copy from Pitman. (However, some Terre Haute pressings used their own label copy variant.) In addition, the original release cited was December 1968 (the ZTSP numbers would correspond); apparently March 1969 was when Shelby Singleton entered into the Share picture.

16th Mar 2011
 ....and then there were five !!

Thanks for confirmation, JJ......

Juke Jules
16th Mar 2011
 >Are you saying that SR 104 A matrix ZTSP 144632 showing Appreciation, actually plays Giving Up, and SR 104 B matrix ZTSP 144633 showing Giving Up, actually plays Appreciation?, because that's another variation<
That's the case on mine - detail is of the side that plays Giving Up

16th Mar 2011
 JJ....now I am confused.....

Are you saying that SR 104 A matrix ZTSP 144632 showing Appreciation, actually plays Giving Up, and SR 104 B matrix ZTSP 144633 showing Giving Up, actually plays Appreciation?, because that's another variation.

I had some written dialogue at discogs over the dark blue label variation, where the A/B sides were switched, on one variant issue, so that Appreciation became the A side, but nothing was mentioned about variation in titles, playing the wrong tune.

If you get a chance take a look at the master release for this at
http://www.discogs.com/Ad-Libs-Appreciation-Giving-Up/master/247405, it should be helpful.

Juke Jules
16th Mar 2011
 Thanks for the details, YD - no wonder the printers were confused!
On this turquoise version, the matrix no's on the label and the run-out are in agreement, but the titles are transposed

16th Mar 2011
 FYI there's four known US pressings of this, and I had a hand in researching this for discogs.

"First released in US in 1969, and available in at least four US variant pressings.

#1 Dark Blue Label - Side A - 'Giving Up' - cat.no. SR 104
#2 Dark Blue Label - Side A - 'Appreciation' - cat.no. SR 104
#3 Turquoise Label - Side A - 'Giving Up'- cat.no. SR 104 45cat posting
#4 Shelby Singleton distributed Share Label - Side A 'Giving Up'- cat.no. #104"


Juke Jules
15th Mar 2011
 The printers messed up the sides, but Giving Up is the A-side

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