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Record Details

Artist:Eartha Kitt
Label:  Spark
Catalogue:SRL 1039
Date:20 Mar 1970
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Community:9 Own, 1 Wants
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AEartha KittHurdy Gurdy ManDonovanBob Kingston, Denny Diante9.5  Rate
BEartha KittCatch The WindDonovanBob Kingston, Denny Diante9.0  Rate


31st Jan 2016
 You need the Promo as it's in Stereo, the Stock copy is only Mono as were other Pye group ones at the time

15th Jul 2012
 I've got a UK stock copy of this too, just seems nobody bought it at the time!

28th Jun 2012

Dr Doom
16th Feb 2010
 And what a performance in this version...


Dr Doom
16th Feb 2010
 And here it is. Ms. Kitt's wonderful version.


4th Jun 2009
 I can confirm that this single was definitely commercially released. I've got a copy on the generic blue Spark label of the time.

Dr Doom
24th May 2009
 In a word, YES! It exists.

I too thought it was a Euro only 45 (or LP only in the UK) until I bought this copy off the net.

I'll try and get the scans up ASAP. It's a demo copy and the fact that the single is missing from all the Eartha and Spark discographies I've seen lead me to suspect that it was never commercially released.

There are still quite a few gaps in our Spark listing so let's hope for some similar surprises!

Col Wolfe
24th May 2009
 Never seen a UK issue of these recordings. Have only seen German issues (which were on Spark). Saw 2 German 45s with different pic sleeves at the same fair!

Staircase to Nowhere
24th May 2009
 Does this really exist? Tenth Planet list this track as being LP only on their two volume compilation of the SPARK label.

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