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Record Details

Artist:Iron Cross
Label:  Spark
Catalogue:SRL 1079
Date:7 Jul 1972
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Community:26 Own
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AIron CrossLittle Bit O' SoulCarter, LewisBarry Knight, Ken Lewis7.5  Rate
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A release date of 7 Jul 1972 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 432
A release date of 1 Jun 1973 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 477
A release date of 17 Jan 1975 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 557.


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The Toad
1st Jan 2014
 I appreciate that this is going back a year and a half to Burdockman's original comment, but I would say that the blue-and-yellow promo is from the first issue of this single, in July - other Spark promo singles from the period 7th July to 11th August have the same layout. The first plain yellow demos seem to have appeared in October 1972 and to have continued on into 1973. This suggests that the plain yellow demo was from a reissue, perhaps in 1973. If that is the case, that would point to the reissue having the same catalogue number as the original issue, rather than the SRL-1086 that the chap from Peer Music suggested.

1st Mar 2013
 oops! what am I on about! the 7th month is July not June! DOH!

I just checked a 1972 calender and the 7th was a Friday, so the handwritten 7-7-72 on the image (no. 743989) that I have added is probably the correct release date!

28th Feb 2013
 the handwritten 7-7-72 on image no. 743989 can't be exact release date as singles were released on Friday's and the 7th in June '72 was a Wednesday!

28th Feb 2013
 a side + b side demo label variation added

29th Jun 2012
 I'm told by someone at Peer Music in London who own the rights to the music released on all the Spark 45's that this was re-released under the catalogue number SRL 1086 in 1973. Can anyone confirm this?

Juke Jules
8th Jan 2012
 French Glamrock? Dave Hill?

My Friend Jack
26th Jul 2009
 I remember this very well, should have been a hit. Pretty sure it was released around June 1972, though.

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