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Label:  Spark
Catalogue:SRL 1120
Date:14 Mar 1975
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Community:1 Owns, 1 Wants
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AAntonShot Down In ActionHiller, JordanGraham PreskettGraham PreskettRate
BAntonFor Better Or For WorseHiller, JordanGraham PreskettGraham PreskettRate


Originally issued 28-02-1975 SRL 1120


21st Mar 2017
 Not sure about song being the same but also the composng credits are changed with a credit for Hiller on the A side that does not appear on the stock version. Barry Blue is the composer on the B side on the 1st issue promo and stock but does not appear on this promo.

20th Mar 2017

You've stumped me there Redpunk - I never knew this alternate B-side issue existed!

Having said that the timings for the two B-sides are the same - could it be the same song re-titled?

1st Mar 2017
 One for the Spark label collector the question is why did they bring out a second Promo when the stock has the same B side as the original. Is there another stock issue following on from this Promo ?

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