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Record Details

Artist:The Isley Brothers
Label:  Stateside
Catalogue:SS 112
Date:Jul 1962
Chart Position:42
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Community:30 Own, 3 Want
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AThe Isley BrothersTwist And ShoutMedley, RussellBert RussellTeacho Wiltshire10.0  Rate
BThe I.B. Special InstrumentalSpanish TwistMedley, RussellBert RussellTeacho Wiltshire9.0  Rate


11th Feb 2013
 Sheet music uploaded

2nd Sep 2012
 Added another label image. cat.no. without pre-fix 45 (1963 issue?).

25th Apr 2012
 A side demo image courtesy of Pete Smith Check out his blog Lost vinyl gems of the 60s

5th Aug 2011
 please don't ask me how to pronounce vitamin, or schedule or .....oh don't anyone feel bad, when Bob Dylan first came out, I used to say "DIE-linn", and a demo record was a "DEE-Mo"....(my daughter once called the "Ginny" character in her Harry Potter books..."GUINEA")....all in fun!!!!!!...Beatle (EYE-slee) John

5th Aug 2011
 Some of friends referred to some French group Les Paul, and others to a singer called Levi Stubbs whose name was pronounced in a similar fashion to a french philospher Claude Lévi-Strauss and of course pronounced Motown group The Elgins the same as a town in Northern Scotland rather than El with Gin as in Gordons (which is pronounced same as a town in Scotland. I also have an Elgin watch from the town of the same name in Illinois. I'll reprise this elsewhere.

carey jeggs
5th Aug 2011
 I'm going to have to concede defeat over the pronunciation of their name.Since I first heard of them in 1959 I've been pronouncing it IZZ-ley.I don't ever remember any of the EMI disc jockeys in the early sixties saying EYES-ley.It was only after their British chart success in 1966 with This Old Heart Of Mine that the latter way of saying it caught on.However all the online authorities that I've checked are in agreement on EYES-ley.So OK I was wrong.

18th Dec 2010

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