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Artist:The Beach Boys
Label:  Stateside
Catalogue:SS 2181
Date:30 Oct 1970
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Community:25 Own
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AThe Beach BoysTears In The MorningJohnstonThe Beach Boys6.8  Rate
BThe Beach BoysIt's About TimeWilson, Burchman, JardineThe Beach Boys7.0  Rate


My Friend Jack
4th Aug 2015
 On the Breakers list on 5 Dec 1970 in 5th place, then another week in 2nd place on 9 Jan 1971.

23rd Feb 2014
 Don't know if it's my memory playing up but I seem to recall that this single was in Quad(?)

1st Aug 2011
 When their US/Canada contract on Capitol gave way in 1970 they signed with Reprise, they still had two more years to go with EMI in the rest of the world so EMI shifted the boys over to Stateside until 1972....the US staday/King releases (which only amounted to 2 singles and one LP by "The Flame") was a contract for "outside projects"........John

1st Aug 2011
 Ah right, thanks, they went to Reprise here at that time...

Just that I never knew they had releases on Stateside, which is like London was - a catch-all for US labels that didn't have an official outlet in the UK...

Thanks! :-)

1st Aug 2011
 EMI and Brother Records had a worldwide deal - no involvement of the King label.

davie gordon
31st Jul 2011
 by the time this was issued The Beach Boys had left Capitol completely
- they did a deal with King to distribute their Brother label in the US.
I'm not sure if they did a separate deal for UK distribution direct with EMI or if that came through EMI's deal with King.

31st Jul 2011
 Any ideas why they released some discs on this label in the UK when Capitol was still up and running?

23rd Jun 2011
 Sorry to correct you carey jeggs, but we don't want to be needlessly distressing our sensitive male chums. Brucie is addressing his lament to some old harpie who has packed her warmth and her soul, not to mention her passport. But don't worry, it's 1970, she'll be back as soon as she discovers that McDonalds have yet to make it to Europe. And as for Jan & Dean - don't forget that the smutty twosome had recorded a song in 1961 called (forgive me for repeating this) Baggy Pants. We can only hope that the BBC banned it.

carey jeggs
17th Jun 2011
 I haven't listened to Tears In The Morning for about ten years but I vaguely remembered some indelicacy in the words and there it is at the beginning.'You packed your womb and took your soul.' You never hear anything like that in a Jan & Dean record.

15th Jun 2011
 ... and if you like the Beach Boys, but were unaware of the track, this will captivate you too. Never tire of hearing it.


15th Jun 2011
 ...whilst I on the other hand, carey jeggs, have raved about the 'A' side for years, to all those who know only the hammered Hits. A fine job by Bruce Johnston.

Gorgeous harmonies, marvellous arrangement, with a fade-out that reminds you of the closing stages of one of those French, semi-romantic films that left you puzzled.

carey jeggs
15th Jun 2011
 I'm not a fan but IMHO It's About Time is their best ever record.It's very Young Rascalish.

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