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Record Details

Artist:Various Artists
Label:  BOAC
Catalogue:S/SLE 13
Title:Islands In The Sun
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:7 Own
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A1Ken Kirkham And The IslandersIsland In The SunRate
A2Papette And The Islanders SteelbandEvery Time I PassRate
B1Papette And The Islanders SteelbandBanana Boat SongRate
B2Papette And The Islanders SteelbandShame And Scandal In The FamilyRate


complimentary disc for BOAC passengers to the Carribean.


7th Feb 2016
 added missing labels

24th Jan 2012
 Yes..I'm pretty sure that in 1967 not too many executive decisions at BOAC were made by Trinidadians...!!

Billy Two
24th Jan 2012
 How jolly that there's a version of "Shame And Scandal" in there...we can maybe then assume that the tracklist wasn't picked by a Trinidadian !


24th Jan 2012
 I Think some of the songs might be by Cy Grant...he certainly sang on some other BOAC records. Air travel in 1967 was horribly expensive, and only for the rich..That's why they gave a complimentary pack to all travellers..which included a record as well as other items to help with the flight like an inflatable cushion, eye shade etc. The only cheap long-haul flight at that time was to Australia...you could do one way for £10.!!

24th Jan 2012
 I picked up a copy of this piece of drivel many moons ago in the hope that it might be a well known name or two behind the songs.Could there have been many going to the Carribean back in 67. ???

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