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Artist:The Gallahads [Beechwood]
Label:  Starla
Date:May 1965
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AThe Gallahads [Beechwood]Sad GirlSmith, WigginsChuck MarkulisRate
BThe Gallahads [Beechwood]Keeper Of DreamsHarrisChuck MarkulisRate


a) BW-3000-A (2.10) IPG Music, BMI
b) BW-3000-B Drive-in / Marklyn, BMI

dist. by Original Sound


Comments and Reviews
14th Jan 2017
 B-side promo label image added.

15th Nov 2016
 I added above a terrific display ad, which includes a photo of Starla Kaye Ridone, for Skyla label from 7-3-61 Billboard. This might be more appropriately included on a page for one of the records mentioned in the ad (or even the correct label), but since this page here gathers most of the significant discussion of the record biz activities of Starla Kaye and Ray Rindone, that's where I've decided to put it.

mickey rat
8th Aug 2016
 Well spotted Ule. If I could keep up with your changes of address I'd come round your house and bite your ankles. Seriously tho, haven't seen you in awhile. Hope you are well.

8th Aug 2016
 I think mickey rat has inside information on this label. Examine the name (working backwards) [STAR] [LA] - in Spanish "La" translates to "The" (in English) + STAR spelt backwards is RATS = THE RATS!!!

mickey rat
7th Aug 2016
 And just a word about Chuck Markulis - sang originally with Seattle doowoppers The Shades apparently, before recording Ron Holden's Love You So initially for his little Nite Owl label in Seattle before it became a big national hit on Donna. Markulis eventually became a very successful promoter of national billiards tournaments. It's a wonderful world.

7th Aug 2016
 Here's a snippet from an old Spectropop posting by Jerry Naylor: I signed with Skyla/Raystar Records in late 1960. The company was
owned by a woman named Starla Kay Rindoni. Starla's husband was in the
clothing manufacturing business and known to be associated with
organized crime, as was my good friend Tony Ferra, who owned the
Crossbow Nightclub. Starla Kay was a high priced prostitute in LA and
Las Vegas before she married the wealthy Ray Rindoni and started her
own record label and production company. She was a wonderful lady, a
really good friend to me. I really, really liked her alot. I was
introduced to her by Tony Ferra, and began recording for her using my
real name, Jerry Naylor. My first record for Skyla was "Stop Your

mickey rat
6th Aug 2016
 Well I have to say whenever I've encountered Starla Records I've thought of Starla Kaye so maybe just word association or maybe she was indeed Art Laboe's girlfriend. Meanwhile she and Ray Rindone's publishing imprint was Lastar Music (BMI) which appears on Skyla and Ray Star releases. The only other label I've seen it on is a shortlived Gold-Tone label - a Dodd Sisters release not on 45cat yet. Did the Rindone's own that label too (not the earlier Jack Patton label)?

6th Aug 2016
 Re: Starla ownership (2)

According to Art Laboe himself here
he had at the time a girlfriend named Starla. He named one of his first labels for her, Starla - Stars of Los Angeles.

I think that's the definitive answer to who owned Starla. I can't help to think that her girlfriend Starla was soon married to Ray Rindone, a veteran of the garment business.

6th Aug 2016
 Re: ownership of Starla

Looking at the listing, it seems indeed that Art Laboe was very much involved. Maybe I'm wrong about the Rindones ownership, anyway they owned certainly Ray Star and Skyla Records

davie gordon
6th Aug 2016
 re ana-b's post about a correction request - it can't possibly be 1960. The original version ,by
Jay Wiggins, was issued on IPG 45-1008 in 1963.

There's a much later version by The Intruders on Gamble G-235.

mickey rat
6th Aug 2016
 I'm wondering if Art Laboe was a partner in Starla right from the start. ARLD lists him as proprietor seemingly from 1957. Thanks for info on Ray & Starla Kaye's activities. Didn't know that.

6th Aug 2016
 SAD GIRL; w & m Smith & Wiggins. © IPG
Music. Inc.; 23Aug63; EU786937-

6th Aug 2016
 At the time of this release the original owners of Starla (Ray and Starla Kaye Rindone) were still certainly trying to escape from the justice. Both had been convicted of labor code violations in 1963. Starla pleaded guilty to three violations of the code and was ordered to make restitution in the amount of $8,151 to musicians who had been paid off with worthless checks after making recordings.

It is quite probable that Art Laboe revived the Starla label in the mid-sixties. Without the consent of the Rindones (?)

mickey rat
6th Aug 2016
 A quick trawl of LOC indexes came up with:

KEEPER OF DREAMS; w & m Kent Harris
a.k.a. J. Goldie. 2 p. ©Drive-In
Music Co. Inc. & Marklyn Music;
1Sep65; EP210242.

Apart from the fact that Kent Harris had an alias or two (first time I'd heard of "J. Goldie") it seems to at least place the Starla issue sometime in 1965, Drive-In (BMI) being Art Laboe, part-owner of Starla and distributor Original Sound Sales Corp. The Beechwood issue would probably be earlier because it only mentions Marklyn Music which I'm guessing would be Chuck Markulis? Maybe there's an earlier copyright registration via Marklyn only?

Couldn't find a registration for the Jay Wiggins & Lloyd Smith song which is listed as a renewal in more recent LOC files as "Sad Girl" a.k.a "Sad Man" supposedly "created" in 1972, which doesn't really help.

6th Aug 2016
 Perhaps also of interest: despite how the Los Solanas site lists "Sad Girl" [as though it's from Starla 15], the actual surveys [those that list the label of the release] show it was the Beechwood pressing being played.

Fwiw, I suspect May 1965 is too early for this pressing.


6th Aug 2016
 Concerning a request to change the date of this release to 1960:

While 1960 looks like it makes sense in terms of the other releases on Starla, Louis Opel Nations [with assistance from Jimmy Pipkin] says in the Oct. 2000 edition of "Now Dig This" that in 1964 Chuck Markulis [who owned the Gallahads name] recruited four singers unrelated to the original Seattle based Gallahads to record "Keeper Of Dreams" and "Sad Girl".....which is why we have the two groups listed separately on-site.

I might add that a recording date of 1964 does rather support the info from ARSA showing that the record was included on 6 radio surveys in California from the beginning of May to mid June, 1965.


28th Aug 2015

28th Aug 2015

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