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Artist:Carla Thomas
Label:  Stax
Date:Sep 1968
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ACarla ThomasWhere Do I GoRado, Ragni, MacdermotAl BellHorace Ott6.0  Rate
BCarla ThomasI've Fallen In Love (With You)C.ThomasAl BellHorace Ott7.0  Rate


BB Sep 14, 1968


9th Aug 2015
 Would the scans I uploaded (with the messy ink for the "Where Do I Go" side) be from the original release, since there's no release date printed on the label? And, forgive the beginner's question, but just when did Stax begin having the release date printed on the labels?

I've really grown to love "Where Do I Go". In my opinion, much brighter and catchier than the original Hair version.

Oakley Boys
23rd May 2011
 Thanks for the info.

davie gordon
23rd May 2011
 The first time round "Where Do I Go" was the a-side ( # 38 on Billboard's R&B chart, # 86 Hot 100) - it was repromoted in 1969 with "I've Fallen In Love"
as the a-side which made it to # 36 R&B but missed the Hot 100, peaking at
#117 on Billboard's bubbling under chart.

Both sets of scans are from the 1969 issue, one pressed by Dot, the other by
CBS's custom pressing division - they're the scans showing ZTSB numbers.

I'd imagine the reissue was to tie in with Stax's big album promotion in 1969 when they issued over two dozen albums in one go. Stax must have drafted in CBS to do some custom pressing of releases at the time.

22nd May 2011
 if you look at the uk Stax index, you can see the b-side appears to have been issued twice?

Oakley Boys
22nd May 2011
 Hi Davie, if it was first issued in 1968 why does it have July 1969 on the label? Or are both these scans the repromotions?

davie gordon
26th Mar 2011
 First issued Sept. 1968 - repromoted July 1969

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