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Record Details

Artist:Jean Knight
Label:  Stax
Date:Aug 1972
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:1 Owns
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AJean KnightHelping ManJ. Harris, V. WilliamsWardell QuezergueWardell QuezergueRate
BJean KnightPick Up The PiecesJ. Harris, V. WilliamsWardell QuezergueWardell QuezergueRate


BB Aug 12, 1972


Number: 435287  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: ColgatePing
Description: A Side

9th Sep 2015
 ARP pressings were rather noisy, sounding almost like 78's. If they had issues with centering stampers towards the end, it wouldn't necessarily surprise me.

9th Sep 2015
 The vinyl is quite thick and pressed off centre it's also of poorer quality from memory. I'll see if I can locate it again but i'm sure its not US

9th Sep 2015
 Only person shown as owning it is ColgatePing, and that's his ARP scan. CP? What sayest thou?

9th Sep 2015
 I don't know, if someone has an actual Jamaican copy of this record, I'd keep it up . . . they were using the old "stack o' records" Atlantic-era logo as seen here and here; ultimately transitioning to a bare-bones version of this label layout as seen here.

9th Sep 2015
 We happy to merge this with the US issue, then?

9th Sep 2015
 The whole set of this ARP variant can be seen here.

9th Sep 2015
 Definitely looks like one of the U.S. pressings......

9th Sep 2015
 Actually, {Image #435287} was indeed a U.S. pressing - American Record Pressing of Owosso, MI (then about two months away from burning to the ground) was pretty sloppy with type layout on the label copy; and on top of it, it appears they reduced the LP version of the label design rather than using the 45 adaptation.

9th Sep 2015
 This looks far too well printed a label to be Jamaican, notwithstanding the fact that sometimes Jamaica copied US labels right down to the rim text...

5th May 2012
 Which is the A Side? I'm unsure. The deadwax seems to suggest Helping Man. I would upload the other side label but someone has wrecked it! Grrrr

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