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Record Details

Artist:Judy Clay And William Bell
Label:  Stax
Catalogue:STAX 101
Date:18 Oct 1968
Chart Position:8
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:47 Own
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AJudy Clay And William BellPrivate NumberB. T. Jones, William BellBooker T. Jones8.5  Rate
BJudy Clay And William BellLove-Eye-TisB. T. Jones, William BellBooker T. Jones6.0  Rate


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22nd Jul 2014
 ...added scans STAX 101 solid centre - first pressing, Tee Pee Music. (#1342801, #1342802)
Same layout as the promo shown, KT tax code in dead wax, and only one publisher shown, later versions have two publishers.

.....it pays to check what you have, as I assumed my solid centre was same as above....wrong !!

18th Jul 2014
 just noticed an error in the cat. number in the runout groove - STAX 103 has been scratched out and replaced with the correct STAX 101 - A side only, no such issue with the B side.


2nd Jul 2013
 bah! PVC sleeves have made my pristine mint 'stock' copy get white 'bag rash', still plays mint but looks 'orrible now... in my early days of collecting, I used to put all my mint singles into these PVC sleeves, luckily most didn't react but some on Pye, Piccadilly and other Pye group or pressed singles did...

these PVC sleeves should be avoided! DO NOT house your singles in them!

1st Apr 2013

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