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Artist:Sam And Dave
Label:  Stax
Date:30 May 1967
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ASam And DaveSoothe MeS.Cooke6.0  Rate
BSam And DaveI Can't Stand Up For Falling DownH. Banks, A. Jones6.0  Rate


Both sides "Recorded Live in London, England


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13th Apr 2012
 A few memories from that great show which I would like to share along with a page from the program of the Finsbury Park concert which I've kept all these years.
Firstly, my mate and I seemed to be the only two white faces in that Finsbury Park crowd. Secondly, I remember Sam and Dave's great rendition of "When something is wrong with my baby". After which Otis came on and brought the house down with "Try a little tenderness". We wouldn't let him off the stage!

13th Apr 2012
 ...thank you for your info. Boursin (and excellent link) and Felonious....it was 45 years ago, after all, so I guess I'm allowed some latitude.

Three dates in London (area) then, March 17, 1967 at Finsbury Park Astoria, then on April 8, 1967 at Hammersmith Odeon , and ***April 10, 1967 at Croydon Fairfield Halls.( ***Croydon gig now corrected to Mon. 27th March 1967, as I got the bank holiday date wrong ). corrected 31-Oct-13.

A great deal of people must have attended those shows back then, and I presume no one else on here was at those gigs, other than my friend with the 'poor' memory.
Seems he was right after all, but upon reflection, he was a student at the time, and lived in Chiswick, so very handy for Hammersmith.
I lived in Stockwell back then, so Croydon was handier than the other two.

Great memories, especially as Otis was to die at the end of the same year.

13th Apr 2012
 Carla Thomas appeared early on in the tour but had to return to the US to fulfil some previously booked gigs. She's on the album The Stax/Volt Revue volume 2 singing got my Mojo working, Let me be good to you, and Gee whiz.

Rufus Thomas was not on the tour.

13th Apr 2012
 They did play the Hammersmith Odeon as well on that same tour - on Saturday, 8 April. Here's a poster for that appearance. No mention of Rufus Thomas, so he probably wasn't on the tour.

12th Apr 2012
 ....Both sides recorded live in London...

I was present for one of the London Concerts, Easter 1967, from which apparently both these tracks are taken.
(March 17, 1967 Astoria Theatre, Finsbury Park, London, England, from The Stax/Volt Revue Volume 1: ...) LINKED HERE>>>>

I believe that they were recorded at The Finsbury Park Astoria, as it was then known, which morphed into "The Rainbow", some years later.
A friend of mine was at that concert, which he told me was at The Hammersmith Odeon, now the Hammersmith Carling Apollo.
He was of course wrong, and I know he has a crap memory, although he did tell me that Carla Thomas was also on the bill, so he must have been at Finsbury Park, because that was her only appearance in UK.

I myself was at the same Stax/Volt revue concert, held at The Fairfield Halls, Croydon, I believe on Easter Monday, 1967 (Monday 10-Apr-67).
Croydon gig now corrected to Mon. 27th March 1967, as I got the bank holiday date wrong ). corrected 31-Oct-13.

I know it was Bank Holiday Monday, because I had been to Brighton with friends on our scooters during the day, and had got back to Croydon a little late, and the concert had already started as we took our seats. We had good seats, second or third row from the front middle of theatre, real close to the performers, and boy did they sweat.

Otis Redding was top of the bill, Sam & Dave, Eddie Floyd, Arthur Conley, Rufus Thomas (was he there, I can't remember), and backing by Booker T. & The M.G.'s, with The Mar-Keys. Carla Thomas was definitely not there, and I regret that, as she has always been a favourite of mine.

12th Apr 2012
 ajtharp: 'just means whenever I play it I gotta get the needle off the record a.s.a.p. when it ends'.

'Hole on! I'm comin'! :)


12th Apr 2012
 Both sides recorded live in London

12th Apr 2012
 Hi I have just purchased a White Demo Copy of this Record and cannot find any details about this demo version on the internet anywhere. Any ideas ?
A side Soothe Me which says Plug Side on the left hand side just under where it says
Pub., Kags,BMI
Time: 2:55

B side is I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down.

18th Feb 2012
 Added label variation.

1st Jan 2012
 I bought this single at the antique store yesterday and didn't realize that it had a drill hole, but the drill hole is not in the label, but in the run out groove of the record itself, nothing too tragic, just means whenever I play it I gotta get the needle off the record a.s.a.p. when it ends.

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