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Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Capitol
Date:20 Jan 1964
Format:Promo Only 7"
Title:Meet The Beatles
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Community:5 Own, 1 Wants
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A1The BeatlesIt Won't Be LongJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney8.0  Rate
A2The BeatlesThis BoyJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney10.0  Rate
A3The BeatlesAll My LovingJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney9.0  Rate
B1The BeatlesDon't Bother MeGeorge HarrisonRate
B2The BeatlesAll I've Got To DoJohn Lennon, Paul McCartneyRate
B3The BeatlesI Wanna Be Your ManJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney6.0  Rate


Juke-Box only EP, 33 rpm
-- cardboard cover
-- title strips, and album cover inserts


4th Jun 2012
 Jukebox label added.

31st Mar 2012
 Seeburg had jukeboxes that would play either large hole 45's or small hole 33's for several years, Starting with the introduction of stereo 7" records about 1959. The jukebox had a turntable drive motor that would run at 33 when connected to 60 hz, then used a transistor circuit to supply the motor with a higher frequency to get 45rpm. The speed was switched by sensing the large center hole of 45s. If you put a UK small hole 45 in one of these Jukeboxes, it would play it at 33rpm.
Many of these jukeboxes have little display windows where picture sleeves could be displayed, promoting an artist's new album by playing one side of a 7" "mini LP" that would contain several songs off the new album. If you find a 33rpm EP album with the same cover art as the full size 12"Lp from this era, its probably part of this marketing effort.

30th Mar 2012
 The January 20th date (which is the LP release date) is a little early..the only actual date I can confirm is that Capitol (from Hollywood) contracted Queens Litho to print the front slicks on Feb. 15th,so my guess is at the earliest the end of February.... (the April date for The Second Album, and the October date for Something New, are from Spizer). There are no "release sheets" for any of these 3 Juke-box Lp's at Hollywood, no known "Label copy" request forms from Keystone, no pressing documentation from Scranton (I have seen all the Scranton documentation for every "standard" East-coast release,.... and the Keystone forms, with printed first-issue labels attached!...saw all the Beach Boys releases also!)...wrote down what info I could, later another friend copied whatever he could at the Tower...have found out by the mid-90's most of this information was discarded by Capitol! ( I think the two Interview discs were pressed in LA, so there would be no "east-coast" info either)...John

30th Mar 2012

30th Mar 2012
 I had a Seeburg LPC1 (1964) which played thse Compact LP's. It also played standard Large Hole USA 45's. Sold it last year though...

30th Mar 2012
 The label typesetting was from Keystone Printed Specialties Co., Inc., of Scranton, PA, whose typefaces graced many an East Coast pressing of Capitol LP's and 45's (not just from that label's own Scranton plant as pressed this jukebox 7", but also contract pressings from the RCA Victor and Decca plants).

30th Mar 2012
 I will update the other special jukebox compact 33s as well as the promo interview records when I get the chance to scan them.

Does anyone know of which Seeburg Jukebox that played these special EPs? If so, please share this information!

29th Mar 2012
 Thx. Bob for images!...John..:-)

28th Mar 2012
 This was only issued for Seeburg Jukeboxes

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