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Artist:The Marvelettes
Label:  Tamla
Date:15 Feb 1963
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AThe MarvelettesLocking Up My HeartHolland, Dozier, HollandHolland, Dozier7.0  Rate
BThe MarvelettesForeverHolland, Dozier, GormanBrian Holland6.0  Rate


13th Nov 2015
 Is the remixed version of "Locking Up My Heart" heard in the video marked as "second pressing" (the one without the turntable)?

Break-In master
13th Nov 2015
 Record Dragon: The three versions across the top row all show the remixed version.
Delta 47401 2/15/1963 Tamla 54077A Marvelettes, The Locking Up My Heart 2:24 DM V-019315 P-4809 ------ ------ Also released 3/18/63 with Motown master number listed as DM V-022307 with RCA matrix P4KM-4609-1.

13th Oct 2015

rockin tim
13th Oct 2015
 The record got flipped over in Pittsburgh, and "Forever" was a big local hit.

28th Aug 2015
 So this isn't a true Marvelettes single? Do any of the labels shown contain the remixed version of the A-side?
This video is labelled as the second pressing of the single

I'm guessing this is the first release

I've listened to both videos and read the article at the Motown Junkies site, but I still can't ascertain what the differences are. Could someone enlighten me?

28th Aug 2015
 Missed out on the opportunity to enjoy what seems like an 'audience' with Lamont Dozier over in Liverpool the other night (my friend John was unable to contact me in time - teeth have been gnashed). Stuart Levine was MC'ing and John tells me that among the anecdotes was one regarding "Locking Up My Heart". The Marvelettes it seems had taken a stab at it that morning and as that expression implies, the results had left something to be desired.

As Lamont related it, he told the girls to go and grab some lunch, while he 'worked on the track' they'd cut, as they had 'some machinery' that could make it sound better . Meantime, he called the Andantes in and they cut the song. When the girls returned, Lamont played back the Andantes' track. 'Oh, that's much better now', said the girls delightedly ... and I gather that is the track that went out.

19th Oct 2014
 The second pressing (rel. April 1963) features a remixed version of Locking Up My Heart. See the excellent Motown Junkies site for more info.

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