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Record Details

Artist:Brenda Holloway
Label:  Tamla
Date:9 Mar 1967
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Community:16 Own
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ABrenda HollowayJust Look What You've DoneF. Wilson, R. Dean TaylorFrank Wilson8.0  Rate
BBrenda HollowayStarting The Hurt All Over AgainV. Simpson, N. AshfordH. Fuqua, J. Bristol9.0  Rate


RCA Custom matrix numbers:
- A side: U4KM-2656
- B side: U4KM-3228


17th Jun 2012
 Cruel, YankeeDisc. Just about to head for the sack and I come across this! Like a syringe-shot of adrenaline that will keep me awake for an hour or two now. (Great sync'ing by the lady BTW - and love those Uriel or Pistol rolls and fills). Had to play it at least twice.

17th Jun 2012
 Just Look What You've Done

....svelte California chick won't play, says "Screw You, Motown", and out....

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