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Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Tollie
Date:Mar 1964
Format:Export Issue
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Community:4 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe BeatlesTwist And ShoutMedley, Short10.0  Rate
BThe BeatlesThere's A PlaceMcCartney, Lennon10.0  Rate


31st Oct 2015
 Mine has the T-9001-A cat number at the bottom and the thinner print logo. I was a little curious if it was legit but apparently it is. My "Love Me Do" tollie has the thicker print logo and no "A" ending of the label cat number which had me wondering. I knew the thicker print one was legit but had not seen the thinner print ones. I have a source of about 12 of these Tollie "Twist And Shout" copies.. I guess I better buy the rest

25th Mar 2012
 "??? Imported pressings, stickered for publishing/mechanical royalty collection in Italy and popped into an Italian sleeve ???"

That's correct. The story of these releases is told in Bruce Spizer's sadly out of print book Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles Records on Vee-Jay (pages 83-84). All four of the Beatles singles released in 1964 by Vee-Jay/Tollie ("Twist And Shout", "Love Me Do", "Please Please Me", "Do You Want To Know A Secret") were imported into Italy by Bluebell, and all but the last one had Italian picture sleeves added.

14th Apr 2011
 Thanks Beatlejohn. My memory's playing tricks - I assumed it was '63 as I'd left school and started work in '64. BIEM credit is a sticker (not printed on the label) and, of course, the publishing credits are all BMI. The catalogue number is that of the US Tollie 45. The Bluebell label (logo on the sleeve) was a subsidiary of Italian label 'Ricordi' which had the rights to Vee-Jay at the time. So ??? Imported pressings, stickered for publishing/mechanical royalty collection in Italy and popped into an Italian sleeve ???

14th Apr 2011
 OK...recordman46...you broke my brain on this...
-- From what I can tell, here's the facts
-- THIS IS A US PRESSED RECORD!!! (with a BIEM sticker added)
-- the sleeve looks Italian though!
-- This was issued in March 1964 (not 63), the painting on the sleeve is one VeeJay/Tollie used a lot during 1964 (not 63)
-- the A-side is Twist and Shout (forget lower master number rule with US pressed records)..the master number of There's A Place is lower because it's the song before Twist And Shout on the US Lp.
-- I'm calling this a US export for now, unless anybody else has any more thoughts on this??..
-- Im very surprised Italian EMI allowed this over there at the time!!!

14th Apr 2011
 Picked this one up on a school holiday to Imperia in Italy in '63. "There's A Place" has lower matrix number, so guess that was (sort of) the A side, though both songs get equal billing on the sleeve.

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